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Three Teams Identified to Move Forward in Major Bridge Public-Private Partnership Initiative Procurement Process

Parul Dubey on September 22, 2021 - in Bridges, News, Transportation

Harrisburg, PA – As the public-involvement and environmental-review process continues on candidate bridges in the Major Bridge P3 Initiative, the state’s Public-Private Transportation Partnership Office today announced that three teams will be invited to submit proposals competing to enter into a progressive public-private partnership (P3) with PennDOT to administer the initiative.

“Combined with potential federal and state action on transportation investments, this initiative will ensure critical projects are completed while also freeing resources for other projects,” PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian said. “Based on our state’s past P3 projects we expect significant opportunities for Pennsylvania companies to work on this initiative and the other projects it makes possible.”

The teams were selected based on criteria including experience and technical approach to carry out the project; their relevant experience and qualifications of key personnel; their investment and financial experience; and their overall understanding of the project and their approach to deliver all project requirements. 

PennDOT will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) before the end of the year and proposals from the competing teams will be due in early 2022, with proposer selection anticipated in the spring. The shortlisted firms will submit a proposal with their detailed approach to deliver the program.

All construction work is mandated to be performed by contractors prequalified for work in Pennsylvania. Additionally, at least 65 percent of the construction work will be subcontracted to other firms that are prequalified for work in the state. As an example of past Pennsylvania participation in P3 projects, the department’s Rapid Bridge Replacement program to replace 558 bridges included a private partner and more than 50 Pennsylvania-based designers and contractors as primary and subcontracted partners.

The teams invited to submit proposals, including their team leads and equity (financial) members, are:

  • Bridging Pennsylvania Partners, comprised of: Macquarie Infrastructure Developments LLC; Shikun & Binui Concessions USA Inc; STV Incorporated; FCC Construccion, S.A.; Shikun & Binui – America, Inc; and SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc;
  • Keystone Pathway Developers, comprised of: Kiewit (Development Company, Engineering Group Inc., and Infrastructure Co., dba Keystone Pathway Constructors); Star America PA Bridges, LLC; and Urban Engineers Inc.; and
  • Keystone Pathways Mobility Partners, comprised of: Cintra Infrastructures SE, Itinera Infrastructure and Concessions Inc.; Halmar International LLC and North Tarrant Infrastructure, LLC (unincorporated joint venture); Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.; and KS Engineers, P.C.

The private development entity ultimately chosen for the P3 will enter into a pre-development agreement to work with PennDOT to finalize the design and packaging of the final bridges to be built, financed, and maintained. Each package will include select bridges and associated infrastructure, including tolling infrastructure, gantry structures and toll buildings for each bridge which is advanced in the program. The department continues to evaluate and conduct public involvement and environmental reviews on the candidate bridges announced for consideration in February of this year. The packages will be restricted to bridges which have completed the evaluation process and received federal environmental clearances.

The project was approved by the state’s P3 Board on Nov. 12, 2020, and since then PennDOT has hosted three industry forums to educate potential, private-sector stakeholders on the scope and requirements. This is in addition to public outreach being conducted for the PennDOT Pathways transportation funding initiative, National Environmental Policy Act requirements for each candidate bridge, and varied legislative and stakeholder engagement. 

Act 88 of 2012, the state’s transportation P3 law, allows PennDOT and other state agencies, transportation authorities and commissions to partner with private companies to participate in delivering, maintaining and financing transportation-related projects. The law created the seven-member Public Private Transportation Partnership Board, appointed to examine and approve potential public-private transportation projects. Upon board approval, the department or appropriate transportation agency can advertise a competitive RFP and enter into a contract with a company to completely or partially deliver the transportation-related service or project.

To learn more about P3 in Pennsylvania, visit www.P3.pa.gov

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