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New GeoSLAM Hardware and Software Revolutionises SLAM accuracy and automation

Parul Dubey on September 22, 2021 - in News, Products, Technology
  • GeoSLAM launches its latest software offering Connect 2.0 at Intergeo.
  • Connect 2.0 brings industry-leading accuracy to ZEB range of handheld scanners.
  • The next generation SLAM algorithm, GeoSLAM Beam, powers new software.
  • ZEB Vision, a new solution for colourisation and immersive walk throughs available for pre-orders.

GeoSLAM has announced a major new update to its Connect software, bringing automatic processing to users of the ZEB range of handheld scanners.

The release of Connect 2.0 at Intergeo will enable GeoSLAM scanners to achieve a unique level of accuracy compared to other SLAM-based mapping systems. Better-than-ever colourisation from the new ZEB Vision panoramic camera solution will provide even more visual context to a pointcloud, as well as interactive ‘bubble’ walk throughs and measurements. 

The update also brings the next generation of GeoSLAM’s industry-leading SLAM algorithm, GeoSLAM Beam, which powers Connect 2.0 and includes new filtering and georeferencing tools, bringing greater accuracy to the ZEB range. 

As well as the new filtering tools to help users get the best results from their datasets, Connect 2.0 simplifies data processing through a series of workflow scripts. This includes automatic data processing, stop and go georeferencing and stop and go alignment; all available as standard.    

Other key features of Connect 2.0 include: 

  • Intuitive interface – The Connect viewer is integrated into the main software interface making it easy to view multiple point clouds simultaneously and measure the distance between data points.
  • Change detection – Multiple point clouds can be compared and any areas that have changed are automatically highlighted. Point clouds can also be compared with CAD models for instant ability to track progress on a construction site or view change between scans
  • Floor slices – Horizontal and vertical slices can be taken from any location within the point cloud. Horizontal floor slices can also be automatically taken at any given height above the floor. 
  • Environmental pre-sets – data is processed according to the environment it was captured in, e.g. indoor, outdoor, UAV or vehicle.
  • Draw 4.0 – Draw projects can now be created automatically for any dataset.


Existing GeoSLAM customers with a Care subscription will have full access to Connect 2.0, and any new product shipped from today comes with both Connect and Hub software. 

GeoSLAM has also announced the launch of real-time SLAM processing through Remote Access. Using an API for remote data capture or automated robotic navigation, users can see the pointcloud and trajectory in real-time. The ZEB Revo RT can be used on and off a robotic platform for ultimate flexibility. 

The ZEB Vision 16MP panoramic camera is now available for pre-order. Suitable for any ZEB Horizon, the new camera solution will bring better than ever colourisation, image walkthroughs and pointcloud measurements using optional Draw software. 

Further updates mean that GeoSLAM customers can now take a ZEB Horizon from handheld to UAV usage, now compatible with DJI Matrice 300, to get a more complete picture of projects. 

Dr Graham Hunter, CEO of GeoSLAM, said:

“As automation becomes more commonplace, there’s no reason why our industry shouldn’t embrace new and faster ways to map and understand spaces. Automation and speed are at the forefront of Connect and GeoSLAM enables customers to get the information they need from their data even faster. 

“Smart organisations want faster results in less time, and GeoSLAM products drive more efficient business. We’re pleased to be bringing a whole host of new tools and filters to make GeoSLAM data cleaner and more accurate in the release of Connect 2.0.” 


For more information about GeoSLAM Connect 2.0 or for a free 7 day trial, visit: www.geoslam.com/solutions/connect


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