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Maptek makes geological modelling simple

Parul Dubey on September 22, 2021 - in News, Products

Making geological modelling simple is the premise of Vulcan GeologyCore, released by technology developer Maptek today.


Vulcan GeologyCore answers the need for an intuitive geological modelling workflow that handles automatic validation and chart creation, providing geologists with greater confidence around their domain and modelling decisions.

The dynamic interface and streamlined workflow make it easy to test different domaining scenarios and view live statistics, before proceeding to the preferred modelling method. Customers can choose from implicit or vein modelling in Vulcan or easily access the machine learning engine in DomainMCF.

‘As a geologist, I sum up the impact of Vulcan GeologyCore from the belief that our time is better spent making decisions about geology, rather than in specification setup!’ said Richard Jackson, Vulcan Geology Team Lead at Maptek.

Vulcan GeologyCore harnesses interactive drillhole visualisation, lithology targeting and modelling algorithms for narrow vein, disseminated or stratigraphic deposits.

A significant benefit of the new Maptek approach is the streamlined data management. The process sets up project data in a reliable, validated way, removing manual data validation and manipulation.

‘A key driver for this solution was a desire to offer our customers a reduced technology barrier to start actual modelling,’ said Jackson.

Geologists continue to cite data validation as the biggest hurdle in the modelling process, and also the greatest imposition on their time.

Vulcan GeologyCore liberates geologists from step-by-step procedural tasks that increasingly can be automated, freeing them up for higher value analysis.

Improving the geological modelling process has flow-on benefits. Vulcan GeologyCore means resource and production models can be updated more frequently, easily and confidently.

Vulcan GeologyCore was one of the tools provided to participants in the 2021 Maptek Geology Challenge. The winner, Henry Dillon, Senior Geologist from Golder Associates, applied a combination of Vulcan GeologyCore and DomainMCF to model complex lithologies in a braided river system.

As well as displaying an innovative approach to geotechnical assessment of performance and design for the foundation of a future structure, Dillon provided invaluable feedback for improving the integrated Maptek solution for all users.

‘Our ultimate goal is to make solutions simple to set up and use so that our customers can realise the value arising from their geological data,’ concluded Jackson.

Vulcan GeologyCore is incorporated in Vulcan GeoModeller and GeoStatModeller bundles and available as a standalone subscription for new customers.


About Maptek

Maptek believes that to make mining more efficient, miners should be enabled to make better decisions. That’s why all our effort is focused on providing integrated decision-making support solutions. This integration is particularly important as it enables us to turn data into knowledge at every stage of the mining life cycle. Ultimately by fully integrating that knowledge Maptek wants to change the way mining is done forever. And we’ll achieve it by living our principles every day.

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