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Dreaming the Ideal City

Matt Ball on November 15, 2013 - in Planning

Treat your city like a garden, or you will kill it. That was one of the many take-home messages from an urban planning workshop with renowned Dutch designer Bart Brands last week, brought in to inject fresh thinking into the moulding of Latrobe Valley’s future layout.

“The planner needs to be the gardener for the city; you need to check the ground condition before deciding to plant – if the ground is full of clay one year, then you choose tomatoes, because they are best suited for that type of soil,” Mr Brands said.

Speaking to a group of planning stakeholders at Latrobe City headquarters, including members of council’s planning department, Mr Brands used the gardener analogy to highlight the shortcomings of Victoria’s current ‘master-plan’ model of regional planning.

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