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Woolpert Surveyor Cody Schneider Promoted to Geospatial Project Manager for Roads and Bridges Market

Parul Dubey on August 24, 2021 - in News, People

The former team leader will work with survey and transportation clients across the Midwest.

DAYTON, Ohio (Aug. 24, 2021) — Woolpert’s Cody Schneider has been promoted from survey team lead to geospatial project manager in the firm’s roads and bridges market. The licensed professional surveyor and engineer in training is a senior associate at Woolpert who has been with the firm for 11 years.

Schneider started as an intern at Woolpert before he graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in geomatics engineering. He has steadily advanced at the firm, serving as a survey technician, phase manager and technology advisor before becoming a team leader. One of the biggest transitions to his new role will be going from managing nearly two dozen people to solely managing projects.

“This is an opportunity for me to grow outside my comfort zone, to build on the things I learned as a phase manager and team leader, and it will help me mature on the business development side,” Schneider said. “This is a very interesting time for survey, transportation and many of the industries Woolpert serves, given the recent passage of the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. Fortunately, my background has positioned me well to provide the services and consultation needed to help our clients across the country leverage this funding opportunity to make much-needed improvements.”

Schneider said he is fortunate that, as a member of the firm’s survey group, he has had exposure to multiple sectors and markets. He said this has afforded him the opportunity to learn the full breadth of what Woolpert can deliver. Founded as an engineering and survey company in 1911, Woolpert has grown into a global architecture, engineering, geospatial and strategic consulting firm that is known for its precise traditional and geospatial survey data.

“Survey and 3D scanning and design are seeing a great deal of growth right now,” Schneider said. “Survey is always going to be needed to provide infrastructure projects with that desired accuracy, and this need will just increase as federal specifications tighten. Woolpert’s in-house design team coupled with its geospatial acquisition and 3D point cloud capabilities enable the firm to expertly support this evolving need.”

Woolpert Roads and Bridges Practice Leader Tom Ruschkewicz said Schneider will work with clients across the Midwest to identify and leverage technologies to address their needs and deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.

“Cody has established himself as a survey and transportation leader, and his experience working with multiple markets will be key to this transition,” Ruschkewicz said. “We’re excited to promote him to this position, help him hone his business development skills and see him excel at the next level.”

Woolpert Vice President and Survey Discipline Leader David Kuxhausen, Schneider’s former supervisor, added that he has no doubt that Schneider will continue to thrive.

“The team leader position can be very challenging in that the goal is to serve the firm by managing a wide variety of personnel and evolving initiatives across multiple markets,” Kuxhausen said. “Cody is a versatile, proven asset to the firm who is driven to succeed at whatever he does. I’m happy to see him take this next step. He has earned it.”

When asked about his ultimate career goal, Schneider said he has not afforded himself the luxury of looking that far ahead. The married father of three children age 4 and younger said he plans to just keep learning—from people and projects, as well as from his mistakes and his successes—and to continue to embrace responsibility and opportunities.

“Right now, I am just making sure the day to day is going well for Woolpert,” he said. “As long as the firm is taken care of and my family is taken care of, then I’ll do well with my own job. It will be a learning process, but I am very excited to tackle this new challenge.”

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