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Pritzker Archives Center Commits to Using Renewable Energy with Impressive Solar Array Installation on Its New Campus in Somers, Wisconsin

Parul Dubey on August 12, 2021 - in Energy, News, Renewables

Pepper/Riley Construction along with Kelso-Burnett Company works at the construction site installing the solar array for the new Pritzker Military Archives Center.


SOMERS, WI  – The Pritzker Military Archives Center, currently under construction at the Pritzker Military Archives Center & Memorial Park Center in Somers, Wisconsin, began installation of a 455.2 kW solar array on its campus. The power generated by the solar array will offset the Archives Center’s electricity consumption, reducing reliance on the electric grid and ensuring that sensitive and historic materials in this state-of-the-art, institutional archival facility will be stored properly and securely.

Made up of 1,110 Axitec photovoltaic modules and 7 Yaskawa Solectria inverters that are mounted on the ground and supported by a steel racking system, the solar array will produce 520,000 kWh of clean energy annually. To provide some perspective on how much clean energy this array will yield, it will produce approximately enough electricity to power 49 homes for an entire year.

“We are committed to a low-carbon future as an organization,” said Kimberlee Carr, Director of Property Management. “The solar array at The Pritzker Military Archives Center is an exciting aspect of the development and it will allow us to use renewable energy as well as contribute to creating a more sustainable environment for our community.” 

The solar array at the Pritzker Archives Center will be operational by December of 2021. Less than seven percent of the total 288-acres will have buildings on them and as much green space as possible will be preserved for the community to enjoy. Construction, led by Pepper/Riley Construction and TAWANI Property Development began at the end of 2020.

For more information about the Pritzker Archives & Memorial Park Center, visit www.pritzkerarchivespark.com. Community members can also sign up on the website to receive project updates via email.


About Pritzker Archives & Memorial Park Center 

Located in Somers, Wisconsin, The Pritzker Archives & Memorial Park Center supports the Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s mission of preserving the past, present and future of the citizen soldier. This state-of-the-art archive center is a space to restore, preserve, and provide storage for collections that include books, artifacts and other historic materials. Other components of the project include a 9,687 square-foot Gallery that will display exhibits drawing from the Pritzker Military Museum & Library in Chicago, Commercial Archives, a facility specializing in firearms education and training, Cold War Veterans Memorial, and community green space. To learn more, visit www.pritzkerarchivespark.com.   


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