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Abu Dhabi Turns to Planning to Discourage Crime

Matt Ball on November 6, 2013 - in Planning, Security

Keeping public spaces safe from criminals is a constant challenge. The UAE enjoys low rates of crime but rapid growth of the country’s big cities could threaten that.

Now the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council is moving in a sophisticated new direction to keep ahead of the problem. As The National reported yesterday, all new hotels, malls, and other open-to-the-public developments will have to comply with requirements that give safety from crime and terrorism a high priority. Existing facilities – also including schools, places of worship, transport stations, and more – will over time have to be modified as needed to meet the new standards.

It’s all in line with a spreading urban-planning concept known as “crime prevention through environmental design”, or CPTED. The phrase was coined by a US criminologist in 1971, but the idea took some time to find support among urban planners. The basic concept is that a “built environment” can encourage crime, or discourage it.

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