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Sprayroq Defines Infrastructure Rehabilitation Strength in Recent Academic Study

Parul Dubey on July 27, 2021 - in News, Products

BIRMINGHAM, AL. July 27, 2021

Spraywall, the only proven and structural high-build polyurethane lining on the market, developed and manufactured by Sprayroq, was chosen by the University of Texas at Arlington in a 2020 study to create testing and application standards for spray-applied pipe rehabilitation liners in Department of Transportation markets. SprayWall was the only polymeric material to participate in this innovative test, with the other test material being a cementitious spray-applied liner.

Both materials were applied to invert-less corrugated metal pipe culverts, designed to simulate deteriorated pipes that failed at the invert, where ring compression forces are the strongest. The control pipe, with no spray applied treatment, was not able to resist the applied pressure from the test on its own. When treated with SprayWall, the pipe’s load-carrying capacity was increased by 471.7% at 250 mils of application, 484.8% at 500 mils of application, and 802.7% at 1000 mils of application.

SprayWall was so effective that it was deemed structurally capable to function as its own pipe inside of the unit being tested, completely exceeding AASHTO’s LRFD strict design requirements.

“We take great pride in knowing that our products and equipment perform with incredible results,” said Jeremy Huckaby, General Manager of Sprayroq. “Being backed by this leading research study further proves what we’ve known about SprayWall for decades; It truly makes infrastructure stronger.”

Sprayroq’s brand ethos has always been built on trust, credibility, and industry knowledge, and that holds true through the firm’s recent brand transformation. In response to accelerated company growth, Sprayroq has unveiled a new visual identity, coupled with the launch of a new website and relocation of the firm’s corporate headquarters.

“We have commenced significant renovations to the new facility to make sure we are equipped to live up to the standards of a true learning and innovation center,” said Mark Corr, CEO of Sprayroq’s parent company, Signet LLC.  “We look forward to utilizing this new facility to promote, support, train, and educate the market on our exceptional products and offerings.”

With construction slated to wrap up in September, features of the new facility will include a state-of-the-art training area and a brand new, in-house lab managed by Sprayroq’s most recent addition, Ph.D. Chemist, Akhtar Kahn.

This rebrand, website enhancement, and corporate headquarter relocation represents a significant step in the firm’s evolution and further invests in the future growth of Sprayroq.

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