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PERI Formwork Systems, Inc., Upgrades QuickSolve, Empowers Contractors with Even More Powerful Online Planning Tool

Parul Dubey on July 20, 2021 - in News, Products, Technology

Enhanced Web-Based Platform Streamlines Data Capture, Provides Greater Functionality

ELKRIDGE, MD (July 20, 2021) PERI Formwork Systems, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems for today’s construction environment, has released an enhanced edition of PERI QuickSolve, a free web-based planning tool that empowers contractors and estimators to sketch out a project and identify the best wall formwork solutions based on the specific characteristics of that project.

With PERI QuickSolve, construction professionals can digitally draw concrete wall layouts and divide the concrete pours to match the project cycling plan. The tool generates a formwork design around the wall layout along with parts lists and 3D renderings. Contractors and estimators can then export the 2D layouts and 3D visuals along with a list of exact parts required to save and share as documentation. The tool automatically delivers formwork solutions based on the customer’s inventory or provides an optimal configuration proposal to purchase or rent PERI inventory.

With the enhanced edition of PERI QuickSolve, customers can import their PERI formwork inventory in an Excel file and obtain an automatic evaluation of formwork and accessories needed to complete a design. The update also makes it easier to draw walls at an angle to match the layout of a project more effectively. Beyond providing a parts list that includes product numbers, quantity, and weights, the new QuickSolve also delivers product images for easier visual interpretation. In total, the improvements to QuickSolve enhance job site communication, potentially eliminating errors during ordering and installation and minimizing on-site material needs.

“At PERI, we believe in the power of innovation, and it comes from listening to our customers’ needs. Errors in formwork material calculations, shorter bid deadlines, lost time in design resources for simple structures, and increased need for 3D renderings are just some of the challenges that drove the updates to QuickSolve,” said Francisco Gonzalez, product manager at PERI. “The simplicity of QuickSolve allows construction professionals to create a wall formwork design for their project regardless of their level of experience. In the end, that translates to greater efficiency, potential costs savings, and even enhanced safety on the job.”

PERI QuickSolve currently supports MAXIMO, TRIO, DUO, and DOMINO wall formwork systems.

For more about PERI QuickSolve, visit: https://www.peri-usa.com/products/applications/software/apps/peri-quicksolve.html.

About PERI Formwork Systems, Inc. Headquartered in Elkridge, MD, PERI Formwork Systems, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and provider of formwork and scaffolding systems that help to bring some of North America’s tallest and most challenging structures to life. With 11 locations across the U.S. and more than 450 employees, PERI’s expertly engineered products enable contractors, builders, engineers, and architects to construct buildings in a safer, faster, and more efficient manner. PERI Formwork Systems, Inc., is part of PERI AG, which is based in Weissenhorn, Germany. With more than 9,400 employees worldwide, the company operates more than 60 subsidiaries and 160 warehouse locations across the globe. For more information, visit www.peri-usa.com.

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