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Commercial Real Estate Interlocking Smart City Planning

Matt Ball on November 5, 2013 - in Planning, Projects, Smart Cities

NationalHarborUrban Concepts, a Real Estate Investment and Urban Planning firm specializing in commercial investment property, just released National Harbor’s and surroundings hottest commercial investment opportunities targeted to local and state wide real estate investors.

This release was presented as the new economy of real estate, which began recently with an introductory seminar titled “Commercial Real Estate is back” hosted by CEO Ingrid Mendez at Urban Concepts, this event drew more than 75 local and national business representatives from various segments of industry which show the real estate thermometer in the DC Metropolitan area and readiness to get back in action.

During the seminar, Ms. Mendez covered Own America’s concepts for investment real estate, both, commercial and residential.  a variety of important and interesting topics such as how to calculate cash flow, deriving cap rates and rate of return on an investment property; the fundamental methods to expand on your investment, project changes in appreciation, and investment performance tools.

Ms. Mendez shared sustainable real estate initiatives that interlock with smart urban planning. The smart city concept: connected, vibrant and sustainable, it is now the global standard. Implementing smart planning concepts requires the commercial and residential community’s commitment and participation.  A commitment to continuous improvement in planning efficient and effective urban infrastructure.

This is a call for cooperation from the financial community to tear down qualification barriers, cooperation from municipalities for a break on architectural, zoning and permit processing barriers, there is a need for local code flexibility that will adapt regulations.  And this is also a call to alert commercial and residential developers for education on smart design, to partner with their lenders and their municipality planners for a successful team effort.

Ms. Mendez introduced this seminar as Urban Concepts’ implementation of its corporate commitment and contribution to its commercial and residential real estate community’s education on smart planning. Urban Concepts seminars on planning smart cities engages developers, architects and lenders in a collaborative effort towards a common goal and quest for superior development standards.

Additional information about Urban Concepts is available online via A-1UrbanConcepts.com, where interested parties can browse thru the firm’s professional services and planning projects.  Urban Concepts is affiliated with Exit Metro Realty to practice both, commercial and residential real estate.  To consider real estate investments, you can easily search the Multiple Listing Service on your own by clicking this Investment Properties link.

About Urban Concepts

Urban Concepts offers professional services for existing and developing urban environments. We create ideas, design your ideas, plan, construct, property manage and help you set up any type of development from a single building, a shopping complex to a city development. We work with US developers, investors, City governments, individuals & Companies that venture into international markets. For more information, please visit A-1UrbanConcepts.com.



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