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Sustainable New Concrete Mix from AEEE To Reduce Cement’s Global Carbon Footprint, Boosts Tensile Strength by Over 100% While Reducing Total Costs by More Than 50%

Parul Dubey on July 12, 2021 - in Buildings, News, Structural components

INFOGRAPHIC 1: Cement’s Annual Emissions Footprint

Peer Review Confirms Revolutionary Concrete Strength and Durability 

NEW YORK – AEEE Capital Holding & Advisory Group today announced the completion of a peer review led by Dr. Maher Tadros, Founding Principal of e.construct.USA, LLC of its revolutionary new sustainable EASSCM-branded Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) mix. 

According to Dr. Tadros’ peer review, AEEE’s proprietary technology could result in a disruptive impact on building and infrastructure construction at a time when the Biden administration is finalizing its trillion-dollar federal infrastructure bill targeting over 10,000 bridges in the U.S. 

“Cement is one of the most consumed products on the planet.  It represents 8% of the world’s annual carbon emissions,” says MJ Said, Chief Executive Officer of AEEE. “We’re gratified that Dr. Tadros’ peer review not only confirms the unparalleled performance and long-term value of AEEE’s concrete mix, but also that its sustainable attributes could help the industry as it seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of cement by 16% by 2030 under the Paris Accord. The structural life expectancy of bridges built with this new material has been shown to exceed 300 years with virtually no maintenance. This is four times the 75-year design life of the bridges currently built.” 

  • The sustainability of the AEEE mix is accompanied by a revolutionary increase in compressive strength of up-to 67% and an increase of up to 108% in flexural strength over the current market-leading concrete mixes; 
  • The mix produces a lifespan of over 300 years for bridges vs. the current ~75 years, according to e.construct; 
  • The mix results (in combination with unique structural design) of potential savings of up to 50% in total project costs with expedited timetables for construction projects of up to 33%; and 
  • AEEE’s precast concrete bridge girder system utilizing the AEEE mix results in 50% weight reduction and in virtual elimination of steel rebar. This would have a far less intrusive impact on the environment (sharply reduced need for total cement and steel usage and reduction in of fossil-fuel energy consumption). Offered Proprietary Long Span Bridge Beam/Girder have 20 to 50% longer spans and are more efficient than any other existing concrete beam/girder technology at this time.  

AEEE’s technology is fully licensed and in commercial use in China and Egypt. As such, the Company is actively engaged in discussions with global construction companies and major financial institutions on potential joint ventures to maximize licensing opportunities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  

Additional information about AEEE’s UHPC technology and an overview of the e.construct peer review is available to qualified institutions upon request.  

About AEEE Capital Holding & Advisory Group

AEEE is an International Construction Management, Mixed-Use Development and Holding firm. AEEE’s principals have lead-developed over 8.3mm square feet of landmark commercial, residential, infrastructure construction projects both in the U.S. and around the world. In addition to its portfolio of sustainable construction technologies, the company provides a range of services to its real estate development clients, including pro-forma analysis, pre-construction, construction management, fee-development and post-completion operations support.  Website:  AEEECapitalGroup.com

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