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Location Analytics: The Future is Where

Matt Ball on November 4, 2013 - in Analysis

In Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster sci-fi thriller “Minority Report,” there’s a scene where actor Tom Cruise, hotly pursued by the bad guys, hurries through a major shopping mall and as he passes advertising billboards, personalized messages appear and deliver customized content just for him. In the movie, technology could identify the person based on a digital scan of a person’s eye. Everywhere someone travels, shops would know what to deliver to you as you pass by.

Today, that vision of the future is coming closer to reality. Businesses are capturing vast quantities of data with the end goal of giving you more of what you want, when and where you need it. It’s the ultimate consumer experience. Forget the fluff. Businesses will just deliver the information, products, and services you want based on your previous preferences. When you buy anything from a bagel to a Buick, that purchase and all associated data can be captured and stored. Then it’s sliced, diced, and analyzed. That’s the benefit of big data and business analytics.

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