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PoreShield™ SME-PS Now Available Through Phoscrete Corporation

Parul Dubey on June 25, 2021 - in News

Phoscrete Endure™ is a long-term concrete preservation product powered by PoreShield

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Soybean Alliance is excited to announce that PoreShield soy methyl ester – polystyrene (SME-PS) is now available through Phoscrete Corporation for preservation of concrete structures and pavements.

The product, Phoscrete Endure™, is an SME-PS concrete durability enhancer technology designed to preserve and protect concrete. It is safe and easy to apply for any sized application, from a small pool deck to a long bridge deck. For repair of damaged concrete, Phoscrete Endure also works well with fast-setting Phoscrete MALP concretes for long-lasting concrete repairs.

“With PoreShield, Phoscrete Endure has the power to protect and preserve concrete structures and pavements long-term,” said Paul Imbrock, technical consultant for PoreShield.

PoreShield SME-PS is absorbed into the pores of concrete by capillary action to block fluid absorption from the inside. As a self-sealing technology that remains viscous, PoreShield SME-PS fills pores and adjusts to new voids, protecting additional cracks or fissures as they form. Research and field use has demonstrated that PoreShield SME-PS extends the life of concrete five-to-nine times longer compared to untreated concrete and provides 10 or more years of protection from salt (ion absorption), calcium oxychloride formation, moisture absorption, corrosion and freeze/thaw damage.

In addition to Phoscrete Endure, PoreShield SME-PS is also available through CSH as Sustain Krete® Concrete Durability Enhancer.

For more information about PoreShield, visit www.poreshield.com.


About PoreShield

PoreShield SME-PS is a revolutionary concrete durability enhancer that works below the surface to protect all densities of concrete, new or old. PoreShield is not a sealant or a coating. Instead of forming a seal on the surface, PoreShield is absorbed deep into concrete pores, protecting concrete from premature damage. Created from a partnership between the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Purdue University, PoreShield is proven to stop deterioration in existing concrete infrastructure, making concrete last five-to-nine times longer. And as a preventative measure, PoreShield stands alone – providing maximum protection while reducing maintenance costs, replacements rates, and even lowering the carbon footprint with a non-toxic and hazard-free product profile.

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