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Bentley Takes the Pulse of Infrastructure Investment Across the World #YII2013

Matt Ball on October 30, 2013 - in Event Coverage, Financial, Modeling

Greg Bentley addressed the Year in Infrastructure Conference this morning in London. The company’s mantra is sustaining infrastructure — everything we build to improve the world — through the work of Bentley Systems users across the globe.

The UK used Bentley ProjectWise on the integration model of the 2012 Olympics infrastructure, and last year, the country became the first where more than half the UK infrastructure design and management core use ProjectWise to collaborate.

Since 2008 the company has maintained slow price increase of only 1.2% since then. The company is now 96% employee owned. More than $600 million in annual revenue. The company focuses on software utilization, with more than 10,000 hours per week using the software.

There is now a slow but steady growth rate of infrastructure projects around the globe. Europe leads the growth, with Asia flattening, and some increases seen in North America. On civil and geospatial, the work is growing faster. In top design firms, there is flat growth or decline. There is some decline in Australia. The most growth is in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, France, Russia. The Middle East has seen the most growth, followed by the BRIC countries. There are 389 top owners, and their use of the software has seen the highest growth rate in some years.

The company is adding intelligence to infrastructure with virtual models that are accessible anywhere with mobile devices. Sensors and cloud computing, coupled with wireless Internet connectivity, are increasing our awareness of the world. 3D modeling from the virtual to the physical has now gone mobile, with laser scanners being coupled with tablets and phones.

The move by the UK to only use a BIM approach for public projects is improving efficiency greatly, with metrics such as the building of schools where the fifth building would be free based on cost savings. Crossrail is leading the world in terms of innovation in the use of BIM, where asset information is tracked closely in a 4D timeline.

BIM helps with better decisions for better performing assets, where mobility of information is crucial. The standard PAS 1192-2 has been adopted now worldwide for construction, and is moving forward to a level three toward operations. The company has innovated to push this progression forward, with hypermodels that superimpose greater detail and information, with 2D and 3D tightly integrated.

The company is also aligning point clouds with models for asset management and detailed reality capture of existing buildings to aid construction/reconstruction with greater efficiency. The ability to move back and forth between the model and pointcloud improves safety and operations.

The company also has coined the term Optioneering for the optimization of technology to solve problems by allowing exploration to improve performance and efficiency. This is tightly tied to the term sustainability, adding simulation to explore different scenarios that are doing more with less on tighter timelines.

Collaboration is also key to improved efficiency, with information modeling now making its way to the site, with many apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. The ProjectWise Explorer mobile application and Navigator Mobile assist with getting these models in the hands on-site, including Field Supervisor that aids inspection.

Central to the event is the competition for the Be Inspired Awards, where Bentley customers present their projects to an audience of their peers, and review by a jury. The global scope of large-scale projects, that are far-forward in both design and engineering, provide a unique insight into innovation.


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