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ForneyVault® Integrates with eFieldData™ Automated Workflow Software for Construction Materials Testing

Parul Dubey on June 9, 2021 - in News

Pittsburgh, PA: ForneyVault®, an integrated construction materials testing platform, recently added eFieldData™ of VConnex Services, Inc., to its growing list of software integration partners. The interface allows easy access to the ForneyVault platform along with eFieldData’s cloud-based automated workflow software for GSE Engineering & Consulting, Inc.’s construction materials testing lab.

ForneyVault links third-party software, testing machines, LIMS packages and ancillary equipment via a private cloud database. With ForneyVault, data flows seamlessly throughout the testing process, reducing the risk of errors, increasing compliance and driving more positive outcomes for labs of all types. To date, laboratories in more than 134 locations in five countries have logged over 1,000,000 tests with ForneyVault.

eFieldData is a cloud-based automated workflow software that increases productivity and profits for civil engineering companies. eFieldData provides on-the-go field data collection, lab management and industry standard (ASTM, AASHTO and state DOTs) reporting for construction materials testing and special inspections from the field. GSE uses the integrated eFieldData and ForneyVault software to enhance lab accuracy and productivity for third party construction materials testing.

“The unique opportunity here was to integrate ForneyVault with eFieldData after GSE already was using the workflow software,” says Scott Grumski, Vice President, Platform Development, Forney LP. “Our partnership with eFieldData is helping GSE with all of its lab workflow processes – including specimen labels that identify specimens at the machine via a simple scan. With the addition of ForneyVault, the lab technicians can throw away their pencils and clipboards.”

“When GSE first switched to eFieldData, they were able to reduce turnaround time for clients’ reports from one to two weeks to one to two days,” says Jeyanthi Rajaselvarasu, President of eFieldData. “We are delighted that ForneyVault and eFieldData have been integrated, as it now brings GSE’s lab data to the next level in terms of accuracy, speed and transparency.”

“GSE specializes in geotechnical, structural, and environmental engineering, as well as construction materials testing and inspection services, and we were looking for ways to streamline our Construction Materials Testing division to better serve our clients when we discovered ForneyVault,” says Heather Pietrowski of GSE Engineering and Consulting, Inc. “The addition of ForneyVault to our lab has been a huge asset in streamlining workflow, workplace and inventory management. The integration of ForneyVault with eFieldData has improved the accuracy of reports and cut back time spent on verifying specimens, as well as administrative time spent on entering break information. This integration has also been beneficial to our lab organization structure. Working with ForneyVault on this integration has been a pleasure. Scott Grumski is always there to answer any questions, and he is happy to help with implementing features that we ask for or that he thinks will help us in the future. Our expectations for this integration are to minimize technician data entry and to handle and track specimens along with their break data through an automated data acquisition system that would eliminate the use of paper. None of this would have been possible without the help of Scott Grumski and his team at ForneyVault and Jeyanthi Rajaselvarasu and her team at eFieldData.”

About Forney LP and ForneyVault®

Forney LP is a material testing equipment innovator and distributor based in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities in Aurora, Colorado. Forney is the maker of ForneyVault®, an auditable, unalterable materials testing system. Forney’s focus is on material testing equipment for cementitious materials like cement, mortar, grout and concrete for the construction industry, downhole cement and proppant materials for oil and gas industry, and general metals testing. Forney sells its products to more than 75 countries. For more information, visit forneyvault.com.


About eFieldData™

eFieldData™ is a powerful cloud-based automated workflow solution from Vconnex Services, Inc., that increases productivity and profits for civil engineering companies. Its intuitive, easy to use interface facilitates quick on-boarding and empowers engineering companies to provide efficient service in real time with a mobile app for field data collection, lab management and industry standard reporting (including ASTM and AASHTO). For more information, visit efielddata.com

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