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Bentley Harnesses the Cloud and Mobility to “Complete the Reach” #YII2013

Matt Ball on October 28, 2013 - in Corporate, Event Coverage

Bentley Systems is meeting in London this week for their Year in Infrastructure event, that includes their Be Inspired awards with presentations from top customers presenting their project work from across the globe. Greg Bentley, CEO, gave an overview of company performance and strategy followed by Bhupinder Singh, CTO.

The company is taking a connected approach with a platform that stitches services, and extends capabilities of desktops and servers through cloud services. The benefits include faster project startup, easier collaboration on supply chain, standardization, and better learning. The company is using Microsoft Azure with a flexible approach and global data centers that include big data analytics and security.

Existing on-premise servers with ProjectWise and AssetWise have been extended and not replaced. The approach takes the company’s optioneering approach — beyond just site optimization, the goal is to look at different options across various tradeoffs.

The Bentley CONNECT approach shares project workflows, with an open SDK for custom development, and a mobile component for extension into the field. Evaluating scenarios includes scenario services that allow users to catalog the different options that have been explored.

LEARNservices provides the education component, allowing large clients to see the amount of learning that different project team members have had. This transparency helps managers as well as encouraging team members to pursue lifelong learning.

The cloud services is designed to be flexible, to accommodate different connectivity across the globe, with updates via the cloud, connectivity to the cloud, all the way to virtual desktops with full software functionality. The data can reside online or synchronized with online and on-premise servers.

Bentley continues to innovate with project management solutions, including upcoming capacity with ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server that is in beta with customers now, and roll-out early next year. This new enterprise environment aims to manage the lifecycle of construction work packages.

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