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deCarta Delivers Real-Time Traffic-enabled Routing Capabilities With NAVTEQ Traffic

Matt Ball on October 25, 2013 - in Corporate, Transportation

deCarta, the leading supplier of software platforms and services for the Location-Based Services (LBS) industry, today announced its Traffic Manager™ extension to its Drill Down Server® geospatial platform is now available with NAVTEQ Traffic, allowing customers to add traffic-enabled maps and routing to their LBS application.

deCarta’s highly efficient routing capabilities together with real-time traffic data from NAVTEQ Traffic is ideal for building enhanced traffic-aware applications for connected personal navigation solutions, fleet tracking and logistics requiring accurate drive-time routing for fleet scheduling and optimization, telematics call center applications, as well as high-volume map-based Yellow Page directories, map-enabled search engines and travel sites.

For consumers, such applications can deliver the fastest routing and estimated arrival times based on current traffic conditions. Fleet tracking, service dispatch and other functions within the enterprise can leverage faster destination routes and accurate arrival times to get cost-savings in manpower and gas consumption in addition to boosts in productivity, service levels and customer satisfaction.

“Consumers and enterprise are both looking for information they can use to make practical and productive driving decisions rather than just guessing based on where the accidents are,” said deCarta CEO J. Kim Fennell. “Armed with highly efficient real-time traffic-aware routing applications, both types of end users will find a faster and more efficient path to arriving at their destination.”

Real-time traffic data coverage in 77 markets
NAVTEQ Traffic’s real-time traffic data provides continuously updated traffic flow, delays and drive times as well as incident information for 77 U.S and Canadian DMAs (Designated Market Areas). Detailed information is included such as unscheduled incidents (e.g., accidents and stalled vehicles) and scheduled incidents (e.g. road construction and closures). The service aggregates traffic data from multiple sources for maximum accuracy and reliability across multiple platforms.

“deCarta has proven how to utilize traffic data to maximum effect in applications and they are at the forefront of answering the increasing demand for dynamic content capabilities,” said Winston Guillory, senior vice president, consumer and enterprise, NAVTEQ. “The combination of their geospatial platform with the coverage and accuracy of NAVTEQ Traffic will drive a new class of location applications for consumers and enterprises.”

Traffic Manager delivers real-time traffic-aware routing
deCarta Traffic Manager extension interfaces to NAVTEQ Traffic real-time feeds and correlates traffic-related information to a route using deCarta’s Drill Down Server geospatial software platform. Incident and traffic flow information is mapped to specific locations and then overlaid onto the route – which can change in real time as traffic conditions change. Traffic Manager enables applications to display traffic and flow information, search for traffic incidents relative to location and provide detour options by calculating alternate routes around traffic jams, and around any incident that might impact traffic—including accidents and road construction.

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About deCarta
deCarta is the leading geospatial software platform that has enabled some of the industry’s most successful Location-Based Services (LBS) applications such as those that have been deployed by Ask.com, Google, Verizon and Sprint. The company’s unique, patented technology is ideal for high-volume LBS applications for use in Internet, mobile, personal navigation and enterprise applications where scalability, speed, and reliability are vital. Its Drill Down Server geospatial software platform, Rich Map Engine, Hosted Web Service and Navigation SDK are preferred by application developers and service providers who also want the flexibility to customize map styles, utilize unique routing capabilities and self brand. Some of deCarta’s customers and technology partners have included AND, Appello, Ask.com, ATX, AutoTrader.com, Google, Hotels.com, Local Matters, Maps.com, Motorola, Multimap, NAVTEQ, Networks In Motion, Rand McNally, Tele Atlas, TeleNav, TopTable.com, and Zillow. deCarta is privately held and headquartered in San Jose, California with international offices in the UK and China.


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