/ Interview / Podcast: An Open, Dynamic Platform for Digital Twins

Podcast: An Open, Dynamic Platform for Digital Twins

Parul Dubey on May 14, 2021 - in Interview, Multimedia, Podcasts, Technology, Videos

Infrastructure professionals are quickly catching on to the significant gains that can be realized by digital twins with more than half of all large industrial companies expected to use digital twins in some form by 2021.

The concept of an infrastructure digital twin is simple. If you have a physical asset and a digital asset that can represent everything in the physical asset, you can join them together, then use the digital asset to understand what is happening with the physical asset in the real world. But the data required to create a digital twin lives in different data repositories, by different vendors and in incompatible formats, and is constantly changing. To aggregate and visualize this data is no easy task. And that’s where open platforms become part of the conversation.

Listen as Bentley Systems’ Adam Klatzkin, VP, iTwin Platform and Sheena Gaynes, Director, Business Development, talk with Todd Danielson, editorial director at Informed Infrastructure, about the Bentley iTwin Platform and how you can get started.


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Join the Bentley iTwin platform developer series to learn more about what and how others are developing in this open, scalable, vendor-agnostic platform. https://bit.ly/3tqxpFJ



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