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Siemens Malaysia Wins Leadership Award in Smart Grids

Matt Ball on October 23, 2013 - in Design/Engineering, Energy

This year’s Asia Pacific Competitive Strategy Leadership Award, presented by global corporate consultants Frost & Sullivan, went to Siemens Infrastructure and Cities Sector, Smart Grid division; in the ‘Grid Management’ category.

The award is given to companies whose practices not only identify megatrends in grid management and their impact, but also offer pioneering solutions, products and services to address those grid management trends.

Smart grids, which harmonise the production and consumption of electricity, are needed to ensure that this valuable resource is efficiently and sparingly used without sacrificing costeffectiveness or comfort.

Huge investments have been made and planned for on smart grid technologies such as advanced metering infrastructures, power distribution automation, upgraded network infrastructures and demand side managements.

The associated elements of smart grids already exist and are demonstrating their effectiveness in everyday operations; inherently increasing interaction between utilities and customers at heightened levels.

Siemens Malaysia is exemplary in this regard with their Smart Grid division intelligently setting the company apart from its competitors; completing the company’s portfolio of urban infrastructure solutions.

“The award is a result of a combination of several success factors: a network of competent managers, an attentive team of customer service and technical engineers, combined with the ability to not only offer packaged grid management solutions, but also custom-tailored services as well,” commented Prakash Chandran, president and chief executive officer of Siemens Malaysia.

“For that reason, we believe that we have leveraged well on our understanding of Malaysia and its communities as customers. Winning this award will definitely open up more doors for us here in the Asia Pacific and we are truly honored to have won such a prestigious award.”

Anand Menon, chief technical officer of Smart Grids, Siemens Malaysia, was on hand to receive the prestigious award which was presented at an exclusive award ceremony held at the St. Regis Hotel in Singapore recently.

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