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C. R. England Adopts Esri Location Analytics to Increase Business Efficiency

Matt Ball on October 22, 2013 - in Corporate, Transportation

C. R. England, the world’s largest refrigerated trucking company, has adopted Esri Location Analytics for incorporating geographic information, mapping, and spatial analytics into its business processes.

“Being able to analyze the transportation business from a geographic perspective is key to gaining intelligence about our network in terms of driver and customer density, as well as freight routes,” said Tao Kong, C. R. England’s director of Corporate Engineering Solutions. “This technology can be used to help many aspects of our business gain greater efficiency.”

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, C. R. England analysts will employ the Esri platform which offers built-in quantitative analytical and modeling capabilities, such as location selection, to minimize total traveling distances. These capabilities will help C. R. England make smarter decisions, such as the use of targeted driver recruiting, to help improve driver retention, optimal location selection for maintenance, and driver terminals to minimize out-of-route miles. The company will be able to optimize routes by analyzing freight density, safety performance, highway congestion, fuel economy, and tolls.

“We are pleased to be working with C. R. England,” said Wolfgang Hall, Esri’s manager of logistics and supply chain management industry. “Its adoption of Esri Location Analytics technology is a strategic move that will help the company continue to grow revenue and control cost.”

For more information on how Esri helps logistics and supply chain organizations around the world, visit esri.com/logistics.

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