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New ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook Available

Parul Dubey on May 11, 2021 - in Buildings, News, Structural components

New handbook also conveniently included with ACI 318 PLUS subscription


FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – The American Concrete Institute has released the new ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook as a three-volume handbook providing guidance to professionals engaged in the design of reinforced concrete structures. The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is available in print, as a digital download, and as part of the new ACI 318 PLUS subscription.

The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is published in three volumes: the first volume covers introductory chapters, structural analysis, durability, and member design. More specialized topics including retaining walls, serviceability, the strut-and-tie method, and anchoring to concrete in chapters 12 through 15 are published in the second volume. A third volume containing design aids and a moment interaction diagram Excel spreadsheet are available as free downloads.

The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook was developed using the provisions in ACI CODE-318-19, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, and serves as a helpful companion to ACI CODE-318-19.  The handbook provides many design examples of various reinforced concrete members based on a fictitious seven-story building.

Updates in this handbook from the previous 2016 version include examples covering the effect of changes to the shear provisions in ACI CODE-318-19. Several pile examples have been added to complement the addition of deep foundation provisions to ACI CODE-318-19.  Additionally, several examples of screw anchor design, which is new to ACI CODE-318-19, have been added along with a complete reformatting of the examples to reflect the organizational changes to the anchoring to concrete chapter ACI CODE-318-19.

The ACI Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook is also fully integrated and included with ACI 318 PLUS. ACI 318 PLUS is an entirely new annual subscription that provides users with convenient digital interactive access to ACI CODE-318-19, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary, along with in-document access to related resources, robust digital notetaking, and enhanced search.  Links from code provisions directly to the handbook are strategically located in ACI 318 PLUS to provide designers real life examples of how to implement various provisions of the code in the context of an entire member design.

To learn more and purchase visit concrete.org

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