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SPACEWELL Joins Smart Building Certification Ecosystem

Parul Dubey on May 6, 2021 - in Buildings, News

Smart Building Certification was founded by Elizabeth Nelson, Nicholas White, and Wouter Truffino in February 2020 as an initiative to establish an honest and independent platform that appraises buildings all around the globe on the basis of how smart they are.

The Smart Building Certification is: ‘Founded in Science, refined in practice and constantly optimized by our network of experts’. The certification has a strong foundation in academic research and partnerships as well as what is growing to be the largest network within the smart building space. This network not only strengthens the certification but provides users the ability to make informed decisions into what, how, and why, smart building technologies can make a difference to their business.

Smart Building Certification is pleased to welcome Spacewell to the ecosystem and to work together for a smarter, healthier, and more productive future.

“We can all learn a lot from Spacewell. They have solutions that span the entire certification and can truly deliver holistic smart solutions, from asset management, facility management, maintenance, smart workplaces, energy efficiency, and now office re-entry. Whatever the subject around smart buildings, Spacewell has an intelligent opinion.”

Nicholas White, Co-Founder Smart Building Certification

Smart Building Certification and Spacewell are forming a strategic partnership for 3 key reasons.

  1. To insure, improve, and continuously evolve the Smart Building Certification in a meaningful way.
  2. Support the education and knowledge transfer of smart building to the market. As the smart building industry is a maturing space, together we will support market understanding of what it means to be truly smart.
  3. Support practical improvement and application of smart in buildings around the world. Assess, plan, and implement smart solutions together.


“We see Smart Building Certification as a powerful driver for change in commercial real estate and a great initiative in bringing lots of parties together around one smart building definition. We are pleased to be a part of the ecosystem to support the industry and our customers get more out of their investments.

Sven Toelen, VP Marketing & Communication at Spacewell


About Spacewell

PropTech solutions, software, and advisory firm Spacewell is part of the Nemetschek Group, a publicly listed strategic holding company whose operating subsidiaries employ more than 3,000 experts around the world. The Group’s software enables life-cycle management of buildings through integrating the processes of designing, constructing, and operating a facility. The Nemetschek Group drives the digitalization of the building industry and fully supports OPEN BIM, in order to realize a seamless flow of information and feedback throughout all project stages, from design to build, to maintenance and operations.

About Smart Building Certification

Introducing Smart Building Certification


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