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MiTek Announces Realignment of Benson®, SidePlate™, and Ultra-Span® Structural Framing Solutions

Parul Dubey on May 4, 2021 - in Corporate, News

Three leading structural framing brands will now be offered as part of the MiTek® portfolio of solutions and provide customers more value across the entire building industry

CHESTERFIELD, Mo.– MiTek Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company (NYSE: BRK-A,NYSE: BRK-B), today announces the realignment of three well-known brands providing structural framing solutions to the building industry. Driven by industry demand and organizational collaboration, these structural framing building solutions will proudly be offered as part of the comprehensive MiTek® portfolio of building solutions.  

These structural framing building solutions include:

  • Benson® Curtain Wall and Benson® Glass, a global design, prefabrication, and installation custom solution for glass and curtain walls;
  • SidePlate™ Connection Designs, the innovative and optimized moment frame connection design; and
  • Ultra-Span® Floor and Ultra-Span® Roof Trusses, prefabricated cold-formed steel framing products.

Now offered under the MiTek® name, customers will continue to receive the same great solutions and services they have come to expect.  

MiTek collaborates across the building industry to transform the way its customers design, make, and build utilizing off-site construction. With MiTek’s expanding focus on accelerating design and supporting the building industry with a growing set of services and off-site building solutions, customers and partners are equipped to meet their challenges and the demands of the current positive market cycle with greater efficiency and overall confidence. 

“Integrating these three former standalone operations into a unified MiTek portfolio of solutions is part of what has been a multi-year journey for us, following a period of acquisitions beginning in 2008,” said Mark A. Thom, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of MiTek. “We’re excited to further simplify our branding to MiTek®, while maximizing how these solutions add value to our customers’ business and the way we help them use off-site means to build better. Our vision and complete focus are to better leverage all our technology and capabilities as MiTek, to further help our partners transform global communities. The need has never been greater for speed and efficiency from design to completion to help meet the rapidly growing demand for smarter, more affordable, and more sustainable homes and buildings. We continue to reshape MiTek to unlock that power.” 

MiTek believes that the building industry’s future relies on better design methods and overall connectivity of the supply chain and the information, services, and building methods required to complete any project. Better end-to-end approaches and the use of off-site methods whenever possible should help to meet today’s global building challenges in a more robust and sustainable way.  

“Bringing these structural framing solutions together more fully under the MiTek name will give our customers expanded access to new services and software solutions, and further innovations in off-site building that will transform the way the industry designs, makes, and builds,” said Lance Howard, President, Commercial Building Solutions. “This is a natural next step that will further harmonize our team and solutions within MiTek’s broader technology solutions. In the end, this should help us even better serve as an ally for our partners.”  

About MiTek 
MiTek is a platform innovator and enabler that exists to transform the building industry with better building solutions. In 1955, MiTek transformed residential construction with the invention of the Gang-Nail plate and a digital platform that provided an affordable and scalable way to manufacture wood trusses. Today, MiTek delivers software, services, engineered products, and automated solutions that enable the building industry to improve efficiencies by optimizing the balance between off-site and on-site. With nearly 5,600 team members worldwide, MiTek collaborates across the building industry to enable and accelerate transformational breakthroughs in design and construction to transform the way the industry designs, makes, and builds. As a Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A,NYSE: BRK-B) company since 2001, MiTek has a record of continuous growth and innovation. Learn more at www.mii.com


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