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Google X Spin-off Aims to Revolutionize Global Construction Industry

Matt Ball on October 21, 2013 - in Design/Engineering

Google X engineers developed a platform that has been spun off into a company called Vannevar Technology with the plan to provide online-based planning applications to help architects and engineers in the design process, especially for skyscrapers and large buildings. The platform includes planning tools of expert architects and engineers and advance analytics and simulation tools. Genie standardizes and automates the design and construction processes with unlimited design options, enabling an architect to preserve the building’s uniqueness in the urban environment.

Genie was  presented to Google management as a revolutionary technology for the construction of sustainable and environmentally-friendly buildings of a quality never before known. The technology aims to change the conservative global construction industry through a fundamental and revolutionary change in how buildings are designed, built, and maintained, saving trillions of dollars.

In the report, the Google X team estimated that Genie could save 30-50% in prevailing construction costs and shorten the time from the start of planning to market by 30-60%. The Genie team estimated that the platform had the potential of generating $120 billion a year for Google. Vannevar Technology is registered in Delaware and has raised $2.2 million in seed funding.

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