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Sentient City Survival Kit Pushes for a New Awareness

Matt Ball on May 23, 2012 - in Projects, Sensors

The Sentient Survival Kit has been designed to force us to ask questions about the sensors and intelligent systems that surround our daily urban existence. With phones accessing information, and helping us to navigate our world, we relinquish some control that has an impact on our innate wayfinding skills. Sendipitor is a new urban navigation application that adds a random element to wayfinding, forcing us to interact with our surroundings and to discover new things about our surroundings.

Mark Shepard is a former architect and a fellow of New York’s Eyebeam Arts and Technology Center, is the creator of the Serendipitor app. This is the first tool in the toolkit to go beyond prototype to application, available for  any iPhone, you can download the Serendipitor app and start exploring. The application aims to “help you find something by looking for something else.”

Shepard’s interest in “sentient cities” began in 2008, at around the time the iPhone and other smartphones were changing how people accessed information and navigated unknown spaces. Since then he has published a book, led discussions and imagined the tools humans need in a sensor-heavy age.

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