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PenBay Solutions Introduces the InVision Secure School Safety Portal

Matt Ball on October 16, 2013 - in Corporate, Facility Management

PenBay Solutions, the global leader in facilities GIS software, is pleased to announce the InVision Secure School Safety Portal (IVS-SSP). The IVS-SSP, an entry-level edition of InVision Secure software, is an easy-to-use, affordable, map-based system designed to meet the specific emergency planning needs of K-12 schools and districts.

Most K-12 emergency operations plans (EOP) stop at the outside of buildings, creating dangerous blind spots for emergency responders. IVS-SSP is designed to supplement existing emergency planning efforts, eliminate those blind spots, and provide a framework for sharing this information throughout school districts and with first responders.

Easily & Securely Place Floor Plans Online and Visualize Emergency Data on a Map
Having key information – like current, accurate facility floor plans and campus maps – securely accessible online for school staff and emergency responders is critical. This highly secure, offsite platform lets schools create and maintain all-hazard emergency pre-plans and responses using a simple map-based interface. This provides immediate access for authorized emergency responders and school personnel for a single school or across the entire district. With IVS-SSP, schools can:

  • Visualize: easily view facility floor plans, campus and emergency equipment online, on a map.
  • Share: securely share your data online with EOP school staff, police, fire and other emergency response groups (or print to PDF and out to paper).
  • Secure: school data is safely and securely stored offsite – if computers and documents are destroyed in a disaster, emergency plans will remain readily accessible by designated staff and emergency services.
  • Maintain: Because school plans are online, they are easier to update and maintain, making them more useful for emergency personnel, better ensuring the safety of students, teachers and staff.

Fast & Affordable

“PenBay is delighted to offer the InVision Secure School Safety Portal to the K-12 community as they undertake their critical mission of protecting students, staff and assets,” said Bill Barron, CEO of PenBay Solutions. “Emergency planning should always include maps and building interiors – and school safety professionals deserve the best technology we can offer to help them share and update information in a simple, secure and cost effective manner.”

PenBay Solutions can have this easy-to-use, affordable, all-hazard emergency system up and running with accurate plans in 30 days for most K-12 schools. Click here to learn more and watch an overview video.

About PenBay Solutions

PenBay Solutions is the global leader in providing GIS technology solutions for facility management, including the extension of GIS inside the building. PenBay’s InVision Solution Suite offers a combination of fast, accurate data collection and tools for visualization to integrate and deliver valuable geospatial data quickly and cost effectively throughout the facility life cycle for better-informed tactical and strategic decisions. Learn more at www.penbaysolutions.com.

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