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Brian Presnell Joins UMC to Help Build Reality Capture Business

Parul Dubey on April 7, 2021 - in News, People

Seattle/Mukilteo, WA – Brian Presnell has joined UMC as Senior Business Development Representative for the company’s new Reality Capture + Equipment line of business. He will charter relationships and communications that expand the company’s reach and demand for reality capture services and solutions by pairing Leica’s scanning and positioning technology to construction eco-systems that require virtual representations of physical assets.

Presnell has 20 years of delivering leading-edge emerging industry technologies to design, engineering, and construction leaders. From being at the forefront of the early CAD tool days to evangelism for BIM design performance, he now helps monitor what could be considered the real model (in the field) to constructable plans. The bulk of his career has been focused on helping companies with change management, operational efficiency, and cross-functional collaboration. He has supported the account management experience in Autodesk, has marketing agency time with top-ten brand design firms, and was in business development for the ISV Partner Group at Microsoft.

Most of Presnell’s background revolves around leveraging 3D environments for prototyping. His career focus has been providing strategic solution advice for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated (AECO) community, from medium to large enterprise-wide digital initiatives to helping companies grow and compete at the highest level.

Off the clock, Presnell enjoys road cycling, cross country running, alpine skiing in the Northwest, as well as pounding nails to build things as fast as possible.


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UMC helps clients solve the complex challenges of built environments and their systems. Originating 101 years ago to serve the Pacific Northwest as a mechanical contractor, the firm has added a vast range of comprehensive, integrated services in facility performance and maintenance, energy and environment, building automation, manufacturing, and reality capture scanning and equipment sales. UMC helps clients and partners plan, build, and manage their buildings, facilities or construction projects. As these programs present inherent technical and logistical complexity, UMC rises to the challenge of removing worry, delay, angst, and confusion, so their clients and partners can get back to focusing on what they do best.

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