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New UK Manager for COWI Mapping

Matt Ball on May 22, 2012 - in Corporate, Modeling

Rollo Home has been appointed as Senior Market Manager for the Mapping division of the International consultancy firm COWI. He will be focusing on the development of the data capture services including aerial imagery, LiDAR, mobile mapping and thermal sensing, image and cloud point data processing and product sets (cartographic outputs and modelled data including3D city modelling) in the UK and Ireland.

Lars Green Lauridsen, VP COWI “the renewal of the framework contract with the Ordnance Survey provides us an opportunity to develop this important market”. Rollo adds “I’m delighted to be working with a company of such international standing, and really excited about the possibilities offered by the vast range of in-house services provided”.  Rollo has over 15 years experience geomatics consultancy applied around the world, and sits on the AGI Council. END

About COWI A/S: COWI is a leading European consulting group. We provide state-of-the-art services within the fields of engineering, environmental science and economics with due consideration for the environment and society. COWI is a leader within its fields because COWI’s 6,000 employees are leaders within theirs. Since COWI was founded in 1930, we have been involved in more than 50,000 projects in 175 countries. Our 6,000 employees include engineers, biologists, geologists, economists, surveyors, anthropologists, sociologists and architects.

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