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Carlson Software Uses AutoCAD OEM to Build an Innovative Product that Eliminates Rework for Site Contractors

Parul Dubey on February 23, 2021 - in News, Products, Technology

Takeoff OEM creates more seamless transfer of information from design phase to construction, while leveraging the trusted and proven functionality of the industry standard for CAD

BEND, Ore. – Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, today announces that Carlson Software is using AutoCAD OEM to power Takeoff OEM, the company’s flagship product designed to eliminate inefficiencies in the exchange of information between designers and contractors. 

Takeoff OEM leverages the trusted and proven functionality of the industry standard for CAD, AutoCAD, and creates a more seamless transfer of information from the design phase to construction, while also eliminating costly rework around the creation of digital terrain models (DTM). Takeoff OEM enables more accurate construction estimates, enhancing a firm’s ability to win bids.

“Takeoff OEM is geared towards creating a digital terrain model (DTM) – a 3D representation of the terrain’s surface – based on the information provided in a 2D drawing supplied by the designer,” explained Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software. “These drawings are rarely accompanied by a DTM file during the handoff – so, contractors have to make their own DTM to estimate the job or for use in downstream applications. I’d estimate that happens in close to 90% of the handoffs from designers to contractors.”

Carlson Software specializes in CAD design software, eld data collection, and machine control products for the land surveying, civil engineering, construction, and mining industries worldwide, providing one-source technology solutions from data collection to design to construction. In its construction portfolio, the company offers Carlson Takeoff, which helps earth-moving professionals calculate site cut and fill volumes, set amounts for topsoil removal and replacement, accurately determine subgrade quantities, and otherwise better estimate large commercial, subdivision, and heavy highway construction projects for bidding purposes. The product is available in two configurations: Takeoff OEM and Takeoff Suite.

A Proven CAD Engine and Powerful Functionality in One Package

“There are a couple of reasons why some of our customers prefer to get the Takeoff OEM configuration, as opposed to running Takeoff on top of their own CAD platform they’ve purchased,” said Carlson. “One is that when they buy the OEM version, they get exactly what they need and expect from the industry standard AutoCAD platform, with catered functionality to the construction and land surveying industries – and they get it for a comparable price. Also, they own it, since it’s a perpetual license.” Carlson also noted that since it provides access to a trusted and proven CAD engine, the AutoCAD OEM platform inspires confidence in a variety of customer segments seeking to minimize potential risk.

Beyond providing access to an AutoCAD engine and the proven performance associated with it, Takeoff OEM enables a seamless handoff of information from designers to contractors, eliminating rework. “Our Takeoff OEM interprets what is on the drawing in the form of text and contour lines that indicate surface elevations,” said Carlson. “It even makes use of cross section and profile data. Pulling that information from those 2D drawings helps contractors estimate a job more accurately to win the bid, and then it helps them build the 3D DTM for the next phases of construction.”

Overall, Carlson Software is proud of Takeoff OEM’s role in creating a more efficient connection between design and construction, reducing duplicated efforts on construction projects in the United States and around the world.

About AutoCAD OEM

Exclusively resold by Tech Soft 3D, AutoCAD OEM is a platform for rapidly building applications, using the world’s most proven CAD system as its foundation. The AutoCAD OEM development platform provides a full no-license-required version of AutoCAD and access to robust 2D and 3D functionality, enabling companies to grow their business by creating customized products that address market needs not served by existing solutions. Developers interested in evaluating AutoCAD OEM can sign up for a free 60-day evaluation.

About Tech Soft 3D

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