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A Unique FRP Repair System Receives ICC-ES Certification: QuakeWrap Inc.

Parul Dubey on February 18, 2021 - in Buildings, News, Structural components

ICC-ES reports QuakeWrap FRP structural repair materials like the carbon and glass fiber pictured here meet or exceed 2021 IBC and other regional building codes. Photo courtesy of QuakeWrap Inc.


QuakeWrap fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) repair products and systems have been independently tested by ICC-ES and certified for 2021 international building codes as well as other U.S. building codes.


TUCSON, Ariz. – QuakeWrap FRP systems – the leading engineered FRP repair and strengthening composites in the industry – have been awarded ESR-3605 certification from the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing independent verification that QuakeWrap FRP products meet or exceed International Building Code (IBC) for 2021, as well as other municipal building codes. 

The confirmation means that ICC-ES thoroughly examined QuakeWrap’s products, test reports, engineering calculations, quality control methods and other factors to verify these unique composite repair systems are code-compliant and ready for specification.

“These products are unlike any other ICC-certified products,” said Prof. Mo Ehsani, President/CEO of QuakeWrap Inc. “Other ICC certified products require post-curing by heating to achieve the structural properties listed in the report; this is misleading since heat curing of the FRP in the field is not practical” he said.

QuakeWrap repair systems have always used the highest quality carbon and glass fabrics and resins, and often exceed industry standards and most building codes… added advantages that are passed directly to the customer.

QuakeWrap® non-corrosive and non-hazmat resin is part of the ICC-ESR certification achieved by the company for 2021 IBC. The resins have been tested in actual field conditions and meet or exceed most building codes in addition to IBC. Photo courtesy of QuakeWrap Inc.

BREAKOUT: Advantages of QuakeWrap repair products over other ICC certified products

  • QuakeWrap® products are non-HAZMAT and ready for immediate transportation by ground, sea or air
  • QuakeWrap® resins are non-corrosive and can be economically stored or shipped
  • QuakeWrap® products have been tested in actual field conditions; data presented by other manufacturers are misleading since they require post curing at high temperatures – a task that cannot be performed in the field.


QuakeWrap’s patent-protected FRP solutions – including the highly durable PileMedic® system for bridge column and marine pile repair; the adaptive StifPipe® system for sewers, storm drains, and other large conveyance repairs; and the SPiRe® Sheet Pile Repair system for repairing corroded seawalls and industrial bulkheads — represent extraordinary repair advantages for contactors and engineers. These products are exceptionally strong, versatile, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and work equally well on concrete, masonry, steel or timber.

“We extend an invitation to all design engineers to use our unique wet layup products not only for their IBC-compliant repair projects, but for any other structural rehab and strengthening where more corrosion control and quality repair advantages are needed.” Ehsani said.

ICC-ES ESR-3605, issued February 2021, provides assurance to building code officials seeking approval for use of QuakeWrap fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite systems under their codes. The report confirms QuakeWrap compliance with the 2021 International Building Code (IBC), as well the 2018 and 2015 IBC codes. ESR-3605 also confirms compliance with 2020 Los Angeles Building Code (LABC), the 2019 California Building Code (CBC), and the 2020 and 2017 Florida Building Codes.

The ICC-ES report ESR-3605 is available online at https://icc-es.org/report-listing/esr-3605/


About ICC-ES

ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC), the developer of the International Codes (I-Codes). Together, ICC-ES and ICC incorporate proven techniques and practices into codes and related products and services that foster safe and sustainable design and construction. More information can be found at www.icc-es.org

About QuakeWrap Inc.

QuakeWrap Inc. is a leading provider of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products and systems for structural restoration and retrofit. These innovative, proven products can be used in both new structure designs and as economical retrofit solutions. More information can be found at https://quakewrap.com/

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