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Vectorworks Design Scholarship Opens

Parul Dubey on February 10, 2021 - in Announcement, Events

Vectorworks, Inc. invites undergraduate and graduate students to enter the Vectorworks Design Scholarship by March 31. Applicants that share their best work — either new or old projects — will have the opportunity to win up to $10,000 USD, gain professional recognition and propel their design careers. The winners’ schools also receive free Vectorworks Designer software and free virtual workshop training. Learn more and enter the global competition here!

Undergraduate & grad students should enter the @Vectorworks Design Scholarship by March 31 to win up to $10,000 USD. #FundMyVision http://vector.works/go/5317.


Take your best shot at the @Vectorworks Design Scholarship by March 31. Undergraduate & grad students could win up to $10,000 USD & score free software & training for their schools. #FundMyVision http://vector.works/go/5317.


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