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Singapore Looks at Work/Live Patterns

Matt Ball on September 20, 2013 - in Corporate, Modeling

Singapore’s urban planning agency, the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority), is taking a serious look at ways people can work from home and in offices in suburban areas outside the city.

URA Chairman and former senior civil servant Peter Ho made this point on Wednesday at a conference titled “Lee Kuan Yew and the Physical Transformation of Singapore”, adding that a key issue in the planning process is whether everything has to be done in the city.

Chairman for Centre for Liveable Cities Lui Thai Ker said: “The bigger challenge for HDB is that with the continuous increase in our population, how are we going to make a long term plan to accommodate them with no loss in the quality of life? In the process of doing that, we also have to think of new MRT lines, new bus routes.”

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