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Ansys Simulates the Hyperloop’s Performance

Matt Ball on September 20, 2013 - in Simulation, Transportation

Hyperloop_conceptAnsys, a company that builds software simulations for the transportation industry, created a model based on details Musk proposed in a 57-page public document. When they put the virtual Hyperloop through a dry run, the engineers were impressed.

“I’m convinced that the Hyperloop is going to work,” Sandeep Sovani, director of land transport strategy at Ansys, told NBC News. “I don’t immediately see any major issues or red flags.”

Sovani’s team created a virtual pod and tube according to dimensions and artist renderings in Musk’s document describing the high-speed system. The virtual tube was depressurized, and the pod subjected to air flow tests, as cars are in a wind tunnel, with air speeds hitting 470 miles per hour.

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