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Medford, Oregon New Agreement Among Series of Redflex Wins in the State

Parul Dubey on January 13, 2021 - in News

Several Oregon communities plan to expand their automated enforcement programs.


MEDFORD, Oregon – The city of Medford, Oregon will expand its relationship with Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. while renewing its existing contract for an additional five years, the company announced today. 

Redflex, a world leader in developing and implementing intelligent traffic management solutions, currently provides Medford with automated enforcement systems for red light running and speed violations, including mobile enforcement. Video surveys are currently underway to determine additional sites throughout the city that could potentially expand the size of the program. 

Mark Talbot, Group Chief Executive Officer of Redflex Holdings Limited, said, “Our agreement with Medford is one of our oldest and this renewal and potential expansion speaks to the relationship we share. We have a mutual commitment to the safety of the residents and the driving public.”

The city of Medford is on a growth trajectory with more than a 10% increase in population since 2010. That growth has generated additional traffic highlighting the need for additional traffic management tools. Trevor Arnold, a lieutenant with the Medford Police Department, said, “Running a photo enforcement program that encompasses the use of mobile vans for speed enforcement, as well as fixed site intersection enforcement of speed and red light violations, dramatically reduces the number of motor vehicle crashes in our city.”

As part of the renewal, Medford will upgrade its back office enforcement processing platform to Redflex’s Alcyon cloud-based solution that is scalable and designed for every stage of photo enforcement violation.

Medford is one of several communities in Oregon that have renewed their Redflex automated enforcement agreements recently. The City of Tualatin in suburban Portland just renewed its program for an additional five years. Slightly South, Woodburn also renewed its agreement, and based on the success of its program, Sherwood, Oregon is planning to deploy speed enforcement at an existing red light camera enforcement intersection. Meanwhile, the city of Salem is planning to expand its automated enforcement initiative to include three new intersections. 

Talbot attributes the company’s success in Oregon to quality solutions and outstanding customer service. “We choose the word, ‘solution’ deliberately. We solve issues including chronic speeding and red light running, and in turn we help our customers, including Medford, keep residents safe,” he said. “When new issues arise, our customer service team responds immediately and decisively, and I think our wins in Oregon demonstrate that.”


About Redflex

During the past 25 years, Redflex has established itself as a world leader in developing and implementing intelligent traffic management products and services which are sold and managed in Asia Pacific, North America, United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East regions. Redflex develops, manufactures and operates a wide range of platform-based solutions all utilizing advanced sensor and image capture technologies enabling active management of state and local motorways.

The Redflex Group runs its own systems engineering operations, system integration technologies and innovation center for research and development. With a continuous program of product development, Redflex has been helping to improve roadway safety, alleviate congestion and reduce the harmful impacts of vehicle emissions.


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