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Teledyne Imaging announces development of new generation of CMOS sensors and cameras

Parul Dubey on November 18, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

Thousand Oaks, California, November 18, 2020 — Teledyne Imaging, part of Teledyne Technologies, announces the development of a new generation of CMOS sensors and cameras. The initiative involves several groups within Teledyne Imaging, focused on the development, fabrication, and supply of CMOS detectors and cameras for the scientific research and commercial markets including astronomy, soft X-ray, microscopy, spectroscopy and biomedical imaging.

“We are very pleased to launch this new initiative,” states Edwin Roks, Group President of Teledyne Digital Imaging. “This is a natural extension of our legacy of sensor and camera development in both CCD and CMOS, and is designed to meet the needs of emerging markets and applications. It represents the strength of the Teledyne organization, and the value of the acquisition strategy we have implemented, by combining our expertise across several business units, from sensor design to cameras and system interface.”

These new initiatives will meet the increasing demand for higher performing sensor technology by combining essential elements of both CCD and CMOS sensors in a new generation of devices that are distinctly different from anything currently available on the market. Our customers, in nearly every vertical market segment, are asking for the optimal combination of resolution, pixel size, sensitivity and speed. These new designs will include multiple imaging formats up to 66 megapixel, quantum efficiency up to 95%, as well as ultra-low noise and high speed readout. Teledyne will also incorporate their expertise in sensor and electronic cooling to further increase performance.

The project will combine the efforts of multiple groups at Teledyne Digital Imaging segment with over five decades of experience in advanced CCD and CMOS detector and camera technologies. The first sensor and camera prototypes will be available in Q4 2021, with full scale production in 2022.


About Teledyne Imaging

Teledyne Imaging is a group of leading-edge companies aligned under the Teledyne Technologies umbrella. Teledyne Imaging forms an unrivalled collective of expertise across the spectrum with decades of experience. Individually, each company offers best-in-class solutions. Together, they combine and leverage each other’s strengths to provide the deepest, widest imaging and related technology portfolio in the world. From aerospace through industrial inspection, scientific research, spectroscopy, radiography and radiotherapy, geospatial surveying, and advanced MEMS and semiconductor solutions, Teledyne Imaging offers world-wide customer support and the technical expertise to handle the toughest tasks. Their tools, technologies, and vision solutions are built to deliver to their customers a unique and competitive advantage. To register for more information please contact Debby Flint-Baum ([email protected]).

About Teledyne Technologies

Teledyne Technologies is a leading provider of sophisticated instrumentation, digital imaging products and software, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems. Teledyne’s operations are

primarily located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Western and Northern Europe. For more information, visit Teledyne’s website at www.teledyne.com

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