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Lloyd Fraser Achieves Major Fuel Savings with Isotrak Vehicle Tracking

Matt Ball on September 12, 2013 - in Corporate, Transportation

Lloyd Fraser bulk liquid milk transport division is beginning to see a fall in its annual fuel bill since installing Isotrak. Lloyd Fraser uses Isotrak’s CANBus module to feedback live driving style data over the vehicle tracking system to monitor and manage driver behaviour, which has led to the savings across the 40 milk tanker and secondary delivery vehicles (rigid and articulated) fleet. Each week, Lloyd Fraser makes bulk milk collections from farms, which are then transferred
to the secondary delivery vehicles that transport the milk to the dairies.

“To have a product like Isotrak providing you with driver performance data is worth its weight in gold. With fuel bills edging upwards increasingly to over a third of all fleet operational costs means operators need to look closely at driver behaviour. We were confident that we could achieve between a 2 and 5 percent saving in our annual fuel usage if we could improve driver performance – and with the benefits of the Isotrak system, it is assisting us in doing so,” says Lee Westgate, Regional Manager (South) at Lloyd Fraser Milk Division.

Lloyd Fraser reviewed various telematics systems before settling on Isotrak because of its superior service offering and support. Lloyd Fraser is using the standard functionality and reporting provided with Isotrak to provide the management information it requires.

“We chose Isotrak because of the company’s attention to detail and focus on our needs, no other party in our trials provided that service. Isotrak quickly gained an understanding of our operation in order to provide the solution that best suited us,” says Lee Westgate.

“Each week we run scheduled reports for the management team. These include driver score cards, driver performance tables, fleet utilisation, fuel performance across the fleet, driver log on and log off for monitoring shifts,location turnaround times, and unknown locations so that we can review unscheduled stops.

“Drivers also get their individual weekly driver score cards and the supervisors will congratulate those who are performing above standard. We can then focus on those who need to improve their driving styles. For example, we
may target harsh braking or excessive idling. This is proving to be very successful and we’ve been able to make the improvements using the information that Isotrak captures and reports to us.”

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