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RoadBotics Debuts HD-PCI Ratings on Road Assessment Platform

Parul Dubey on November 12, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

PITTSBURGH, PA – RoadBotics is introducing a much-anticipated feature on its automated and objective road assessment platform, RoadWay, called HD-PCI, along with other enhancements to make pavement planning easier for its clients and partners. The official unveiling will occur during their first annual virtual User Conference scheduled for Thursday, November 12.

RoadBotics has always provided its users high-definition imagery of their road network with conditional, color-coded 1-5 ratings on an interactive map. Now, for clients who opt for the Individual Distress Identification (IDI) assessment, RoadBotics can also provide the high-definition pavement condition index score (HD-PCI) as well.

With traditional PCI, a numerical index of 0-100 is used to indicate the condition for randomly chosen pavement sections; however, RoadBotics’ propriety HD-PCI produces that same rating with more objective data (derived from machine learning algorithms) and factors in the density and severity of each distress present for every square foot of roadway across an entire road network.

“HD-PCI is a critical step forward in the world of pavement management,” said Todd Saulle, RoadBotics’ Product Manager. “By leveraging pavement distress data from every ten feet of road, RoadBotics has developed a detailed, objective, and reliable pavement index that helps our users better prioritize maintenance without the hassle of pain-staking field work.”

In addition to HD-PCI, users can now view their data in great detail on the IDI Analysis page, where they can create custom tables sorted by road ratings, distress density, and number of specific distresses. The recent Dynamic Segmentation and Embeddable Maps features also now include IDI data for a more complete picture of their road network’s overall health and viability.

Finally, road assessment CSV files and custom tables are now fully exportable, making users’ road network data more accessible and able to be analyzed off-platform.

With these recent enhancements to its RoadWay platform, RoadBotics continues to innovate in the objective road assessment and pavement management planning space.

About RoadBotics
RoadBotics empowers governments and communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their public infrastructure assets. We automate image mapping and road assessments, generating interactive maps, unbiased ratings, and practical tools to save time and taxpayer dollars for hundreds of communities across the country and around the world.

RoadBotics started with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) product capable of automatically assessing roadways that has enabled over 250 governments worldwide to objectively manage their road networks. Since then, we’ve expanded into additional government-focused solutions including video logging, sidewalk assessments, and citizen engagement tools.

RoadBotics technology results in taxpayer savings, improved efficiencies, and ultimately, better services for every citizen.

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