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Viewpoint Announces 2020 Construction Award Winners

Parul Dubey on November 3, 2020 - in Awards, Events, News

Over the past few years, Viewpoint has honored several of its client companies that have overcome significant project challenges, showcased innovative building or operational practices, leveraged modern technologies to create success stories and more. Each year, dozens of companies submit their own stories for consideration for the Viewpoint Construction Awards.

This year, winners were awarded from three distinct categories: most challenging project, most innovative use of Viewpoint technology and the greatest pivot on a project, representing how many construction companies had to make major changes to their operations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Winners

Here are this year’s winners:

Greatest Pivot on a Project: Haugland GroupWestchester County Center, White Plains, N.Y.

Haugland Group successfully converted the Westchester County Center to a COVID-19 alternate care facility (ACF) in 21 days, just as New York was entering the height of the pandemic. Awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the contract asked for a temporary facility consisting of 110 ICU rooms, each with a negative air pressure system and nurse call back station. The facility was completed utilizing 85,000 man hours with no injuries or illnesses. The company’s use of Viewpoint Team software helped them disseminate the design-build plans and ensured that everyone stayed on track to finish the project within the critical time frame. Watch a video of the project. 


Most Challenging Project: Turnagain Marine ConstructionIcy Strait Point Berth II – Hoonah, Alaska

Turnagain Marine Construction was contracted to develop a berth (ship dock) for Norwegian Cruise Lines’ 4,000 passenger ships in the remote Alaskan port of Hoonah. The project involved innovative marine construction processes, including the development of a proprietary drill assembly to deal with Alaskan sediment challenges. Viewpoint Spectrum software was used as the project management solution, enabling Turnagain to keep track of everything from labor hours to job costs, helping the project be completed seven months ahead of schedule. Watch a video of the project. 


Most Innovative use of Viewpoint Technology: DP Electric IncAttendance/Annual Review/PTO Apps — Tempe, Arizona

DP Electric developed three different apps for attendance tracking, annual reviews and paid time off to help streamline operations between the field and the back office. The attendance tracking app was developed and incorporated into Viewpoint’s HR Management module to track attendance for the several hundred employees who run DP Electric’s 30+ jobs at any given time, with an embedded scoring system to keep tardy employees accountable to attendance policies. The annual review app helped rid the company of antiquated spreadsheet reviews, while the paid time off app enabled payroll to easily sync time off requests with time off availability through one integrated app. Watch a video of the project. 

About the Process

Among the criteria judges considered this year was how well contractors were able to pivot their operations amid the COVID pandemic.

Projects and stories were evaluated by seven judges, two of whom were past Viewpoint Construction Award winners: Dustin Fisher, lead software engineer for Pan-Pacific Mechanical and Jeff Cann, CIO for Encore Electric.

“I was very impressed reviewing the submissions, as it’s clear that there are a lot of truly innovative projects happening across the country that are revolutionizing the way the construction industry is using and adopting technology,” Cann said. “It was an honor to be given the award last year, and even more so to give it out this year given the extraordinary circumstances we’re all working under today.”

The sudden shift that contractors had to make amid the COVID pandemic in 2020 was also in the spotlight with regard to judging all three award categories.

“Judging this year’s entries was really tough given the challenges that our clients had to face in such an unpredictable year,” said Matt Harris, Viewpoint chief product and strategy officer. “From having to construct a temporary COVID-19 alternate care facility in just three weeks, to building a major ship dock in remote Alaska, our clients continue to impress us with their abilities to use innovative technology to overcome enormous engineering feats and achieve solution-driven outcomes, often in record time.”

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