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InfraMarker® RFID Drives TVC Compliance in CHA Integrated Solutions’ Newest Asset Management Solution, Corrivo

Parul Dubey on October 23, 2020 - in Corporate, Events, News

MADISON, Wisc.— Berntsen International, the leader in infrastructure marking solutions, announced that it has partnered with CHA Integrated Solutions (formerly NovaraGeo Solutions) to provide it’s InfraMarker RFID capability within the Corrivo mobile software platform, delivering Traceable, Verifiable and Complete (TVC) field asset data.

See it at the Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference on Oct 29, 2020

CHA Integrated Solutions will highlight its Corrivo Solution at Esri’s upcoming Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference.

Title:             Field Auditable Compliance for Utilities: Execute all of your compliance activities in one solution
How to leverage a mobile solution with integrated sensors to provide TVC data for field inspections, leak surveys and more.

Presenter:      Neal O’Driscoll,
Integrated Solutions Business Line Director for CHA Integrated Solutions

Date/Time:   Thursday, October 29 at 10:15 am – 11:15 am Pacific

CHA Integrated Solutions’ Corrivo technology platform provides a full loop (office-to-field-to-office) process management that helps pipeline operators and utilities in the planning, execution, documentation, management and reporting of inspection, compliance, integrity, repair, O&M, and other in-the-field activities. The new InfraMarker® RFID component delivers TVC capability in the field by verifying asset identity and automatically documenting the date, time and location each specific asset was accessed. This verified data enhances Corrivo’s ability to manage field operations and captures the regulatory information operators need for regulatory compliance.

As an Esri Gold Partner, CHA Integrated Solutions has been awarded the Esri Release Ready Specialty status. This significant recognition is given to partners that show innovation with Esri technology, are committed to developing their wide-ranging expertise and offer expert technical support for a variety of Esri solutions and products.

“More and more, utilities are seeking ways to leverage their compliance activity to better manage their operations. The Corrivo Technology platform makes that possible, by integrating Berntsen’s proven InfraMarker® RFID technology to streamline workflows and improve compliance,“ said Mike Klonsinski, president of Berntsen. “By integrating InfraMarker® RFID, the Corrivo Solution speeds asset locating while providing field-auditable data.”

About Berntsen International, Inc. and its InfraMarker® Solution:

As an infrastructure marking company, Berntsen has been developing smart marking products for more than a decade. Its patented InfraMarker RFID solution combines the durability and precision of all Berntsen marking products with a unique application of RFID technology specifically developed to connect physical markers with digital records. Berntsen has been an Esri Silver Partner for more than a decade.

Benefits of RFID marking of infrastructure assets –

  • Accurate data – InfraMarker RFID tags provide a digital serial number that is specific to the RFID-enabled asset. The system verifies the asset and ties its specific ArcGIS data to the asset, automatically accessing the right information for the right asset.
  • Complete data – Any type of asset (including underground) can be marked with durable, passive InfraMarker RFID tags. Corrivo software ties the physical asset to its digital record. Each RFID read is captured, producing an auditable asset record, enhancing regulatory compliance.
  • Improved ROI in the field – RFID directly benefits field staff by eliminating the time and guesswork involved in locating specific assets. A simple RFID read accesses the right information and presents the relevant data fields within the user’s Corivvo inspection and maintenance form. This streamlines operations while enhancing accuracy.

Contact Berntsen/InfraMarker to learn more about how InfraMarker RFID can streamline workflows and improve compliance in your operation.



InfraMarker is a registered trademark of Berntsen International, Inc.


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