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Stantec to Design Replacement Washoe County Steamboat Lift Station, Improving Capacity and Redundancy

Parul Dubey on October 20, 2020 - in News, Projects

Reno, NV- NYSE, TSX:STN : As Washoe County and the greater Reno area continue to grow, the Washoe County’s Utility Division is replacing its aging Steamboat Lift Station, a crucial piece of infrastructure that feeds the South Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility (STMWRF). Recently, the County selected Stantec—a global engineering, architecture, and design firm—to initiate design services on the new lift station. The existing facility has a peak capacity of 6.5 million gallons per day (mgd) and delivers approximately 60 percent of the total flow treated at STMWRF.

The $13 million project will provide additional reliable capacity, improve resiliency and redundancy, and prevent pump-damaging debris from entering the station. Key to the design is reducing the risk to operators by incorporating comprehensive safety features and eliminating the need for confined space entry to the greatest degree possible. When completed, the new 9.5 mgd lift station will feature a future-proofing design capable of expanding to 12.5 mgd. As an added benefit, the new wet well will include a self-cleaning feature to remove oils, grease, and grit to reduce maintenance and improve operator safety.

Currently, a break in the existing force main must be repaired within 10 hours to prevent sewage backups. Because a significant portion of the line extends below Thomas Creek and adjacent wetlands, repairs could potentially take weeks to complete. To address this concern and provide additional capacity for the future, a second larger force main connection to STMWRF will be installed and the existing force main reserved for backup use. Horizontal directional drilling will be used to install a new 21-inch diameter force main under Thomas Creek and avoid time consuming and costly USACE permitting.

“The resiliency and reliability of the lift station have long been a concern to the county, and we’re excited to assist the Community Services Department provide a safe and efficient facility that will serve the community for many years,” said John Buzzone, Stantec project manager based in Reno. “The new lift station aligns with the continued growth in the area and by repurposing the existing force main, we can provide an added level of redundancy and take away some of the County’s worry.”

Further, Stantec’s design will address technical various challenges, such as limited space, deep excavations, shallow groundwater, and the removal of pump-clogging and damaging debris before reaching the pumps without creating odor issues.

“Our sanitary sewer customers expect safety, resiliency, and performance in each part of the sanitary sewer system,” said Dwayne Smith, Director, Engineering and Capital Projects. “That is their expectation and that is our expectation as well, and to accomplish those requirements, we selected Stantec to design a new lift station that will give us decades of reliable performance for the South Truckee Meadows.”  

Stantec is a global leader in the water industry as ranked by Engineering News-Record. The firm’s experience includes over 900 treatment plants, from some of the most complex facilities in the world to those supporting small, remote communities. With experts around the world focusing on innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions, the Stantec team offers expertise in such areas as advanced treatment process and technology, automation/information management, biosolids management, nutrient management and recovery, odor control, and water reclamation and reuse. To learn more, visit www.stantec.com/water.


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