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Allplan 2021 focuses on Performance, Cloud Technology and Integration for Successful Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Parul Dubey on October 8, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

New version delivers maximum performance and scalability for large and complex projects as well as powerful cloud technology for collaboration and structural analysis integration.

Munich – ALLPLAN, global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, today announced the new version of its BIM software for architects, structural and civil engineers and contractors. Thanks to highest performance, innovative cloud technologies and integrated open BIM workflows, Allplan 2021 sets a new standard in interdisciplinary collaboration with its platform that covers the design and construction process throughout all project phases.

With even greater acceptance of the benefits of BIM in the construction industry, combined with clear trends leading to a need to model larger and more complex projects, there is a substantial pressure on the software industry to provide solutions that support the user experience whilst working with both small and large projects alike. For this reason, a major focus of Allplan 2021 is on optimum performance and scalability. With the new version, it is possible to work on large and very complex projects easier and faster than ever before, even with demanding geometry, high levels of detail and numerous associations. Users thus receive a future-oriented tool with which they can work very efficiently and with great pleasure.

Powerful cloud technology for interdisciplinary collaboration

Despite all the digital tools available for architects and engineers, today’s productivity in the AEC industry has increased only 1 per cent per year for the past 20 years. Some of the main issues are accessibility of data, manual handling of data between disciplines leading to introduction of errors, and incompatibility between solutions providing a bottleneck for data transfer. This can lead to a higher level of risk for all stakeholders which may inevitably affect project timelines and hence costs.

“At ALLPLAN we are convinced that collaboration is a crucial component throughout the design process, not just between the design team but across different disciplines and software products. A robust software platform with seamless collaboration, workflow management and open in nature is key to minimizing risks and to help our clients realize a better built environment on time and on budget”, says Dr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN. “I am very proud of what the entire ALLPLAN team has achieved with the new version”, he continues.

“Enhances in performance and collaboration are central to the Allplan 2021 mission. Combined with new and improved functionality, supporting all disciplines, this release will not only allow our clients to work in an accelerated and optimal manner but will provide a platform to address the digital demands they will face in the future“, says Kevin Lea, Senior Vice President Product Management at ALLPLAN.

We are also excited to announce that Allplan Bimplus Professional will now be included with valid Serviceplus and subscription licenses. Allplan Bimplus provides all users greater functionality to support cloud-based project collaboration including model and document sharing, aggregated model viewing capabilities, revision management, clash detection tools and issue (task) management to name a few. This is the decisive step towards bringing a combined workflow to Allplan users, so they can use cloud technology to maximum effect.

As another example of ALLPLAN’s commitment to collaborative workflows, Allplan Share, allows design teams to collaborate in real-time on the same model no matter where located around the world. This release sees significant improvement to accelerate these workflows, enabling users to work more productively, even with less than optimal Internet connections.


Thanks to its improved performance, Allplan 2021 enables users to work on larger and more complex projects more easily, faster and with more fun than ever before. © ALLPLAN


With the SCIA AutoConverter technology, which is now available in Allplan 2021, building models can be intelligently converted into analytical models. © ALLPLAN


Integrated open BIM workflows for structural engineers

Another exciting initiative brings the all-new SCIA AutoConverter technology to Allplan. With this innovation, supported engineering clients, will be given the capability to integrate Allplan models quickly and efficiently to their structural analysis tool of choice, including sister brands SCIA, Frilo and Risa and further structural analysis tools in the sense of open BIM. A benefit of this workflow is that it produces a structural analysis model exactly the way a structural engineer wants to see it, without the modeler requiring comprehensive structural skills and without compromising the geometrical model. This is achieved by using the Microsoft Excel file format Structural Analysis Format (SAF).

This managed workflow saves a vast amount of time and reduces the risk of errors in re-modelling. Once again, we are delighted to bring the latest cloud technology to our clients. “I see added value in the large amount of information I can pack into the models, from statics to architecture and vice versa”, says Benjamin Himmel, Managing director at DSH-Ingenieure, Kempten.


Additional improvements in Allplan 2021

New content included with Allplan 2021

Allplan 2021 enhances its BIM content with a new library compliant with buildingSMART called BIM EASY. BIM EASY provides the flexibility to use predefined BIM content which can be customized to suit your office or project needs. It contains ready-to-use wizards for architects, engineers, planners and detailers with predefined properties, attributes and project templates.

Modeling Enhancements

In addition to performance and collaboration improvements, Allplan 2021 brings new functionality to support the workflow of both architects and engineers, including new functionality for wall styles, finishes, structural framing and roof surfaces to name a few. Reinforcement detailers now have new functionality to enable efficient splitting and reconnecting of rebars with interactive control of reinforcement around openings.

Visual Scripting

Visual scripting is fast becoming the ideal technology to control parametric modeling of complex shapes, creating frequently used custom objects, and automating workflows; without the need to learn a programming language. Allplan 2021 provides further improvements with greater connectivity and control of structural objects speeding up the design process considerably.



Allplan 2021 as well as the free 30-day trial version are now available for download.

For more information on Allplan 2021, please visit: WWW.ALLPLAN.COM/ALLPLAN2021


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