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Online Photorealistic 3D Cities Launched for City Planning

Matt Ball on September 4, 2013 - in Corporate, Modeling, Planning

Acute3D CityPlanner Uploaded buildingAgency9, the leading provider of web based 3D visualisation solutions, today announces support for 3D models and cities generated with Smart3DCapture from Acute3D. Municipalities, authorities, and private organisations can now use the photorealistic 3D models in Agency9 CityPlanner to easily create web applications for planning, GIS, tourism and security.

Acute3D’s Smart3DCapture™ is a software solution enabling data providers and distributors to easily produce true-3D models of cities from aerial and terrestrial imagery, without any human intervention. Agency9 have streamlined a process to support large scale 3D models from Acute3D Smart3DCapture for web deployment. CityPlanner users can easily edit the Smart3DCapture data eg demolish buildings, modify terrain, export exerts of data as well as upload vector data, images, 3D models in order to create stunning interactive illustrations for public consultation or exhibition phases in planning or tourist oriented applications.

“Agency9 has a vision to web enable any type of 3D terrain and city models in value adding applications.  Agency9 is thrilled by the partnership with Acute3D and the potential it creates. Photorealistic 3D models are requested in many applications and Smart3DCapture is definitely one of the sharpest on the market. With CityPlannerOnline Agency9 uniquely offer data providers and users to publish Acute3D data online at a cost starting as low as 5 000 EUR per year without need to invest in IT infrastructure.” says Håkan Engman, CEO at Agency9.

“The interoperability of our Smart3DCapture solutions is a very important topic at Acute3D, and the partnership with Agency9 opens exciting perspectives in the diffusion of large 3D models through online applications.” says Jean-Philippe Pons, CEO at Acute3D.

Agency9 CityPlanner is a web based service for 3D visualization of projects within urban development, infrastructure and energy. CityPlanner is unique in providing 3D web planning tools for widespread access and collaboration. It is created for urban planners, communicators, consultants and GIS technicians to easily create, share and publish project and spatial information from a normal web browser. CityPlanner is currently used by municipalities internationally in their daily work with master and local planning, also involving stakeholders and citizens in the planning process by enabling web publishing of 3D plan visualisations. http://cityplanneronline.com

About Agency9
Agency9 is a leading provider of software for web-based 3D visualization of geographic information and maps for collaboration and communication in the infrastructure, construction and public sector. Agency9’s product portfolio includes 3DMaps, CityPlanner and other web based 3D geospatial solutions. The company was established 2003 and is an established leader in the web 3D market. www.agency9.com

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