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Monograph Welcomes New Director of Customer Success

Parul Dubey on September 23, 2020 - in News, People

A Strategic Move to Continue Firm Expansion, Ailyn Mendoza Will Drive Growth and Support Clientele


San Francisco, CA  — Software start-up company, Monograph, is excited to announce that Ailyn Mendoza has joined the team as its new Director of Customer Success. Exemplary of Monograph’s continued growth in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, the customer success role is a company milestone and symbol of the progressive direction the firm is working toward to revolutionize how architectural projects are managed.

Formerly a landscape architect, Mendoza grew curious about both the traditional side of the architecture practice and well beyond it. To satisfy her curiosity and broaden her career prospects within the industry, Mendoza took part in a graduate program at Harvard University, and upon completion in 2013, she observed the fascinating influence of new technologies on the AEC industry. Following her desire to explore the marriage of technology and architecture further, she found herself in a versatile role as Director of Customer Experience with IrisVR––this is where Mendoza really began to develop her skills in sales, operations, support, and success. After helping the company grow from a team of five to 25, she also discovered her passion for business development, which then led her to Monograph.

“Learning how the software works is step one in onboarding our customers,” said Monograph’s CEO and Co-founder Robert Yuen. “That’s why we decided to create this new role within our company to have a dedicated person accessible to clients every step of the way, from their first introduction to the platform to continual learning about new features. We’re confident that Ailyn’s expertise, tenacity, and passion will lend itself well to ensuring our customers have a seamless experience.”

In her new role, Mendoza hopes to further merge the benefits of technology and its relationship with users within the architecture and design community. Seeking ways to save designers time, make the onboarding process straightforward, and develop digestible and versatile ways to learn the technology, she will implement strategies that help Monograph’s customers streamline their business processes for overseeing projects, timesheets, and forecasts. Overall, she aims to add more value to her customers’ workflows and make Monograph a seamless process for them.

“I’m thrilled to be part of a team that is bringing something new and desperately needed in the AEC industry and I’m looking forward to helping our customers adapt the software in order to support connected workflows and improve their forecasting capabilities,” said Mendoza. “As a female professional, a mother, and a minority working in the technology field and AEC industry, it has always been important to me to be part of businesses that seek, accept and celebrate diversity – thankfully, I have that at Monograph.”

A problem-solver and an excellent communicator, Mendoza brings an elevated customer-centric perspective to Monograh’s business. Outside of work, Mendoza has been an active participant and executive board team member in the diversity committee for the National American Society for Landscape Architects and is always seeking new ways to help create diversity and inclusion within the profession at large. Dedicated to making a difference in the industry, Mendoza plans on continuing to fulfill that mission as she moves forward on her career path. While Monograph is headquartered in San Francisco, California, Mendoza will be based in Miami, Florida, which ultimately broadens the company’s business hours to cover both the east and west coasts.


About Monograph:

Monograph is a San Francisco-based technology company founded by designers Robert Yuen, Alex Dixon, and Moe Amaya. Founded in 2019, Monograph offers firm management software designed to help architects and engineers oversee projects, timesheets, and forecasts in one, integrated and simple interface. The software is deeply rooted in the founders’ experiences in building tools for architecture firms, where they noticed a recurring challenge—architects and project managers were discontent with their existing and non-existent management software. Seeing this void for a simple cloud-based project management application, the co-founders set out to create Monograph, the solution for architects, designers, and engineers to manage their firms more effectively and transparently. As the creators of a software designed by architects for architects, their company is on a mission to empower and arm the professionals who create our buildings and cities with better tools. For more information, please visit https://monograph.io/  

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