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Selma’s Civil Rights Landmark to Receive First Permanent Lighting Design

Parul Dubey on September 21, 2020 - in Bridges, News, Transportation

HLB Lighting Design is designing the lighting for the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge to bring a renewed recognition to the civil rights landmark.
HLB Lighting Design is working to design the first permanent lighting installation for the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge, through an initiative developed by the local community leaders with the Selma Redevelopment Authority, Selma Economic Design Team, the Black Belt Community Foundation, Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth and Reconciliation and the Kellogg Foundation. The lighting design will give the National Historic Landmark a strong nighttime presence and emphasize the importance of the events that took place there as a part of the civil rights movement. The illumination of the bridge will also serve as the first significant step towards realizing larger community goals of enhancing economic development for Selma and the surrounding communities.
With a targeted completion date of 2021, HLB’s lighting design for the bridge will be achieved through a collaborative process of outreach to the community and local stakeholders. The new lighting will delicately illuminate the architectural elements of the bridge, revealing the structure that has become synonymous with the civil rights movement, bringing a renewed sense of recognition to the events that took place on the historic bridge.
“Having been in conversation with the Selma community, it is only fitting that we step up in our role as citizens and provide our talents to illuminate this civil rights icon. The bridge holds a deep historical significance to the community and its symbolism still resonates today. Our hope is that the new lighting will pay homage to those who fought for equality and freedom in the past, and inspire those who continue their work today”, said Ken Douglas, Principal, HLB Lighting Design.
Led by HLB, the lighting of the bridge will be actualized through the donation of HLB’s lighting design services, Parsons’ engineering services and lighting equipment from manufactures including Barbizon Lighting, Lumenpulse Lighting, and ETC.
About HLB Lighting Design
Founded in 1968, HLB Lighting Design is the largest women-owned (WBE), independent architectural lighting design firm  in North America. We specialize in creating compelling holistic lighting experiences that transform the way people interact with the built environment. Our team delivers an unparalleled depth of lighting expertise cultivated from a variety of professional backgrounds and organized to achieve extraordinary design impact.

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