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The Business Case for a Resilient City

Matt Ball on September 3, 2013 - in Smart Cities

Resilience – the ability to withstand, bounce back from, and emerge stronger from shocks and stresses – is a trait that cities can learn. Resilient systems have five components, in good times and times of stress: the capacity for robust feedback loops that sense and allow new options as conditions change; the flexibility to change and evolve in the face of disaster; options for limited or “safe” failure, which prevents failures from rippling across systems; spare capacity, which ensures that there is a back-up when a vital component of a system fails; and the availability for rapid rebound, to re-establish function quickly and avoid long-term disruptions.

Each of these characteristics carries a price tag. As governments around the world become increasingly cash-strapped, the public sector cannot foot the bill alone, and nor can philanthropy.

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