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Autodesk Introduces “The Big Room,” An Online Community Dedicated to Construction Pros

Parul Dubey on September 17, 2020 - in News, Technology

The Big Room launches to provide a space for our industry to talk shop, network, learn and grow  

Today, Autodesk Construction Solutions announced the launch of The Big Room, an online community that enables construction professionals to network with others in the industry and connect directly with the Autodesk Construction Cloud team. The Big Room is an online online hub dedicated explicitly for construction professionals to expand their network and knowledge with others in the construction industry.

The Big Room is open to all Autodesk customers – whether new to the Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio or a seasoned power user of Assemble, BIM 360, BuildingConnected or PlanGrid. The virtual community provides tremendous value to all members from BIM managers to project engineers, preconstruction leaders and other construction team members by enabling live discussions with construction enthusiasts worldwide and opportunities to learn about the latest product developments from Autodesk.

“In the AEC industry, a ‘Big Room’ is where the essential collaboration of the team happens. It’s a space where project team members can congregate and work through day-to-day challenges, so they can plan for smooth execution and delivery,” said Allison Scott, director, construction thought leadership and customer Marketing at Autodesk. “It’s also more than just a meeting place. It’s an environment in which collaborators can exchange ideas, break down silos, and solve problems. Autodesk wanted to emulate that same experience of a physical ‘big room,’ and this is how our online community was born. In The Big Room, construction professionals can align goals, solve industry issues, design for the future and network to expand opportunities.”

“The Big Room is my go-to place for a community of friends across the industry who are looking to exchange ideas from prefabrication to implementing new technologies and share experiences along the way,” said Brian Binkley, director of design at Gephart Electric. “Community members can ask questions to a broad network to learn how other teams handle tough challenges, discuss and learn about upcoming trends or technologies and more. It’s a way to discover other construction professionals’ views, insights and opinions – and make vital connections in the process.”

The Big Room can add value to both projects and careers in construction

A recent survey by LinkedIn found that nearly 80% of professionals value networking and consider it an important part of career success. What’s more, 61% agreed that “regular online interaction with their professional network can lead the way into possible job opportunities.” With over 60% of construction projects delayed or canceled this year – along with the vast majority of in-person industry conferences being postponed for the foreseeable future – construction professionals need virtual spaces to connect, ideate, and grow now more than ever.

By joining The Big Room online community, members can:

    • Grow their network with construction professionals from all over the world: With over one-third of new opportunities being borne out of simple casual conversation, The Big Room takes the face-to-face interactions of the jobsite and office to a new virtual platform.
    • Ask questions and learn more about the industry: Autodesk’s online community helps professionals broaden their horizons, gain input from other experts in their field and gives members access to the latest construction articles to stay on top of updates and developments in the industry.
    • Harness the full potential of Autodesk Construction Cloud: With candid insights on how others are using Autodesk Construction Cloud, members can get tips and tricks from product experts to get the most out of their solutions and be the first to know about updates and new features.
    • Learn and connect with others anytime, anywhere: Whether at home, in the office or in the field, members can participate in discussions, read articles or complete surveys anytime, across any desktop and mobile device.
    • Gamifying the community: The Big Room also offers challenges that allow community members to compete with their peers, accumulate points and earn rewards like swag, memorable experiences and other exciting prizes.

“If you want to be a part of the industry’s transformation and connect with other change makers The Big Room is the place for you to be,” says Melissa Schulteis, virtual construction specialist at Miron Construction.

Traditionally, industry players have used an in-person big room to find creative ways to connect with their peers. Since the challenges of COVID have created a need to hit the fast forward button on the use of technology, The Big Room offers a space for Autodesk customers and construction professionals to connect and engage virtually.

To experience The Big Room for yourself, create your free account on The Big Room today. We can’t wait to meet you!


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