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National Stormwater Trust (NST) and OptiRTC announce strategic partnership; Boston-based Opti shares proprietary technology with Florida firm

Parul Dubey on September 14, 2020 - in News, Stormwater, Water

BOSTON, MA and TALLAHASSEE, FL – OptiRTC (https://optirtc.com), a leader in forecast-based control of distributed stormwater infrastructure through cloud-based solutions, today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with the Tallahassee-based National Stormwater Trust (NST).

OptiRTC will work with NST to provide Opti’s cloud-based, proprietary adaptive control technology to allow NST to generate off-site stormwater offsets through enhancing existing performance of regional facilities throughout the state.  This allows NST clients to leverage the benefits of these offsets to fully develop their property without setting aside the land or capital usually required for stormwater ponds. Further, ongoing costs associated with pond maintenance are avoided.

NST also manages existing stormwater facilities and can create and oversee programs to generate incremental revenue for the owner.  This approach is of interest to airports, seaports, state and local governments, education campuses, businesses, industrial and commercial parks, and retail and residential developments.

David Rubinstein, CEO of OpticRTC, explained it this way. “NST, working with the State of Florida, has developed a flexible and affordable water quality program.  Opti’s technology provides real-time data, and expands the capacity of stormwater ponds by automatically managing the storage capacity.  These two core capabilities make this program more affordable for property owners and property developers”.

Jeff Littlejohn, President of NST, summarized the benefits of the partnership by stating “Working with our technology partners at Opti has supercharged our ability to deliver efficient, professional stormwater treatment services to our customers and significantly improving the water quality and flood control performance of our stormwater assets. We’re excited to be working alongside Opti to pave the way for new and innovative uses of remote sensor technology in the stormwater and water treatment marketplace.” 

About National Stormwater Trust (NST)

National Stormwater Trust, Inc. (NST) is a stormwater management company that assumes the responsibility for the operation of stormwater ponds and deploys the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art stormwater treatment solutions for the benefit of their partners and the environment. NST develops, permits, and operates regional stormwater facilities and can permanently reserve for NST customers a specified volume of stormwater treatment capacity to offset the stormwater treatment requirements associated with any size project.


About OptiRTC

Opti is the world’s largest provider of cloud-based stormwater management. Opti enables communities to continuously improve stormwater management by delivering real-time visibility, adaptively controlling assets, and supporting smart city initiatives. Opti manages over 160 commercial deployments and over 100 million gallons of stormwater storage. Opti’s solutions have been approved by regulatory authorities, including the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program and its member states, and the Washington State Department of Ecology TAPE program. For additional information, please call (844) 678-4782 or visit www.optirtc.com

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