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Stantec Assists City of Benicia with Completion of 2020 Condition Assessments

Parul Dubey on September 3, 2020 - in News, Projects

Benicia, CA – Stantec—a global engineering, architecture, and consulting firm—recently completed a 20-year major facilities condition assessment and technical update to the Wastewater and Water Master Plans for the City of Benicia Public Works Department. The Master Plans provide the foundation for City-based decisions regarding construction, operation, and maintenance of the water conveyance, treatment, storage, and distribution system, along with wastewater collection and treatment consistent with the City of Benicia’s goals, policies, and programs. The new documents, referred to as the “2020 Conditions Assessments,” were led by Stantec’s Rocklin, California office in partnership with public works staff.

The 2020 Condition Assessments provide the City a clear, data-based assessment of the water and wastewater infrastructure, identifying improvements to existing infrastructure and new improvements to bolster the City’s sustainability and resiliency. It provides a conservative, realistic list of needed capital projects for the next 20 years. The 2020 Condition Assessments state that the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure is operates well today but strategic repair and replacement and new projects will need to happen soon to maintain reliable service in perpetuity.

Stantec worked to assess all parts of the water system (including the raw water facilities, the treatment plant, booster pump stations, reservoirs, and distribution pipes) and the wastewater system (including collection sewers, lift stations and force mains, and the wastewater treatment plant). The team the used a mathematical model to help the City determine the risks and consequences of failure for components near the end of their useful life. This long-range view of needed infrastructure improvements is critical for the City to make informed decisions moving forward.

“The 2020 Condition Assessments help us to understand and maintain the present conditions and, more importantly, plan for the future. We will use the information to develop capital budgets and prioritize resources and it can also be utilized to secure additional funding sources,” said William Tarbox, City of Benicia Public Works Director.

“It’s exciting to provide the City of Benicia a comprehensive look at the condition of its major public works facilities,” said Gabe Aronow, Stantec project manager. “Designing with community in mind truly means evaluating what each community needs today and tomorrow. Preserving and maintaining water and wastewater infrastructure is paramount to the community’s health and long-term success.”



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