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Q-Free Launches New Website with Customer-Focused View to Solve Modern Traffic Mobility Challenges

Parul Dubey on September 3, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

Company creates new user experience focused on holistic solutions for smarter, safer, more sustainable transportation.

OSLO, Norway – Q-Free (OSE: QFR), a global leader in mobility solutions for smart city infrastructure, today announced the launch of a new website to provide a more holistic, integrated and easy-to-understand customer experience that reflects the company’s overall global mission of solving modern traffic mobility challenges and delivering innovative smart city solutions.

The new website is built on three core concepts to solve customer issues and societal needs that Q-Free has market and customer tested over the last two years:

  • Q-Flow – The optimization of moving people, goods, and data.
  • Q-Clean – The stimulation of sustainable transportation.
  • Q-Safe – The improvement of road and travel safety.

“Q-Free has amazing technology and a broad solution portfolio. Within our new approach, we’re recognizing the three key challenges for our customers, all of which have extremely high societal costs,” said Idunn Hals Bjelland-de Garcia, global marketing and communications director for Q-Free. “Instead of focusing on one specific technology or product at a time, we are taking a positive approach to tell stories that showcase all of the problems that we can solve for clients in an inclusive package.” 

While the new website focuses first on big picture mobility and smart city technology applications, users can still drill down into specific product technologies and spec sheets that technical professionals are used to seeing. Bjelland-de Garcia said, “Regardless of background, you can still find as much or as little detail as you need to help make decisions and achieve your goals.”

Cities and communities across the world have undertaken massive initiatives to improve both local and global quality of life issues. With their eye on stable and sustainable development, along with zero emission and fatality goals, they continue to struggle to find companies that sell more than one or two products.

“At Q-Free we are technology optimists that believe our solutions can sustain urban growth and quality of life,” said Håkon Volldal, Q-Free’s President and CEO. “We will continue our work to support a future where smart and green autonomous vehicles have replaced today’s vehicle fleets, but we also offer mobility solutions that can be implemented with great benefits today. Our new website has been designed to help cities and customers bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in the future by taking advantage of a more holistic approach to their mobility challenges.”

“Nothing has changed in terms of the problems we’ve been working to solve for the last 36 years,” said Trisha Tunilla, vice president of marketing for North America. “This is not a rebranding, but rather a new window to view our company and our solutions. The three concepts are designed to break the old business silos and change the conversations we’re having with existing and potential customers. The ideas embody our push toward innovation and the smart cities of the future, and our new website now reflects this.”

To view the new website, or for more information on Q-Free, please visit: https://www.q-free.com


About Q-Free

Q-Free ASA (OSE: QFR) is a global innovator in intelligent transportation systems that improve traffic flow, road safety, and air quality. With an open, collaborative approach to tolling, traffic and active transportation management, Q-Free works with customers and partners on every continent to digitize infrastructure and overcome modern mobility challenges for the greater good of society.

Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, Q-Free has annual revenues of approximately 1 billion NOK (100 million USD) and employs about 400 transportation innovators, experts and enthusiasts. To learn more about how Q-Free is changing the movements of life, visit www.q-free.com

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