Pam Anderson has been named the Kansas Department of Transportation’s new Fiscal Bureau Chief. Her duties began in mid-August.

Anderson has been with KDOT for 15 years. She started as an Accountant III in Federal-Aid and was promoted after one year to Federal-Aid Chief Accountant.  Anderson has been involved in the implementation of several agency-wide computer processing systems.

Within the Federal-Aid unit, the staff monitors projects with federal funds, processes purchase orders for the construction letting, participates in the state audit and reviews projects with local funding to provide final statements. She is proud of her group’s accomplishments.

“I’ve had a high rate of people who have been promoted and I’ve been able to watch them grow and develop throughout the years,” Anderson said.

In her new role as Bureau Chief, she wants to streamline processes to become paperless and look at future needs for the office.

Anderson and her husband have twin daughters who graduated from Kansas State University this spring. For four years, they had planned a big trip to Europe for early this summer, but it was cancelled. They hope to go in a couple years. “Time will tell,” she said.